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Global Fashion E commerce Industry
Indian Fashion E commerce Industry
Indian E commerce industry
Global Fashion
According to Statista,
the global B2C According to Statista, the E-commerce Industry
E-commerce revenue is Global fashion B2C E-
US$ 1,362,041 million commerce revenue in
in 2017. 2017 is US $3,91,256
Fashion is an important segment in the e-commerce industry.
Revenue is expected to million and is expected
grow to US $2,108,097 to reach US $6,33,529 The global fashion e-commerce industrys largest segment is
million in 2021 at a 4 million by 2021 growing Clothing with a market volume of US $2,61,866 million in 2017.
year CAGR of 11.5%. at a 4 year CAGR of
China generates the major revenue in the e-commerce sector and
12.8%. fashion e-commerce sector as well. China alone contributes to
US$159,014 million out of the total B2C fashion e-commerce sales.

The E-commerce industry globally has evolved over the years.

Today, with the development of smartphone technology, it
becomes convenient for customers to purchase their favourite from
E-commerce user any corner in the world. For the fashion segment there are various
2021 websites that focus purely on fashion products and accessories.
penetration is at $391bn
44.3% in 2017 and is
expected to hit 57.6%
in 2021.
4 year
According to Statista
Indias B2C
E-commerce Industry
According to Forrester
E-commerce revenue in Report (2015) Indias
2017 is US $20,007m online retail sales is US The Indian e-commerce industry has been growing at a fast pace.
and is expected to $16bn in 2016 and is This is because of factors such as:
reach US $45 billion expected to reach US
Internet penetration
by 2021 growing at a 4 Smartphone revolution
$64 billion in 2021 Robust investments made
year CAGR of 22.6%. growing at a 5 year Easy process
CAGR of 31.2% Customers willingness to buy products online

Online Retail Sales in USD Billions (Asia Pacific)

Source Forrester data report.

Market leaders in Indian 2016 India

E-commerce Industry $16bn
$64bn China
are- 2016 Japan
Flipkart and Amazon. 31.2% South Korea
5 year
CAGR 2021
Indian Fashion
According to Google
India research (2015), According to Statista E-commerce Industry
every third shopping Indias fashion B2C E-
search on Google India commerce revenue in
is fashion related and 2017 is US $6,812m India is the fastest growing country in the e-commerce industry.
the queries in this and is expected to
reach US $17,521m by In India, majority of the online fashion sales come from clothing
category are growing
at 66% year-on-year. 2021 growing at a 4
year CAGR of 22.6%. According to e-tailing, India estimates (2016), in 2016, the Indian
online Fashion catalogue comprises of Apparel (47%), Fashion
Accessories (40%), Footwear (9%) and Lingerie (4%).

The apparel catalogue dominates the fashion e-commerce industry

According to in India. The Apparel catalogue mostly comprises of ethnic wear
Statista, the largest with a density of 42%.
segment in the 2017
2021 In India, 69% of the fashion online retail sales come from women.
Indian Fashion $6.8bn
E-commerce Seeing the potential and growth in the market, many offline
industry is fashion players have entered the e-commerce space. To be able to
22.6% sustain in todays market, it is important for companies to market
Clothing with a
4 year themselves on e-commerce websites as well.
market volume of
US $5,335 million. CAGR
The Idea
What is Elite Shopee
The Process
Key Players
Our Work
The Elite Shopee Experience
What is Elite Shopee

Elite Shopee is an Indian e-commerce company founded in 2015. We operate

exclusively in India. It is headquartered in Natepute, in Solapur District

Elite Shopee is an inventory based e-commerce company that sells its products
through its own website- www.eliteshopee.com along with other e-commerce

Elite Shopee sells a wide range of fashion products which include- Clothing,
Footwear, Handicrafts, Jewellery, Fashion Accessories and Healthcare
Products for all sections of the society. Elite Shopee specializes in female ethnic

Our aim is to make fashionable products available to everyone at reasonable rates.

Assured Fast Customer Discounts &

Quality Delivery Friendly Offers

Choose Delivery
Search Location
Search for your Choose your required Product Delivered
favourite product delivery location

Your product will be

delivered. Our strong
Log in Add to Cart Payment network with logistics
Log into your Add the product to Choose to make a secure helps us deliver all over
Elite Shopee the cart after online payment or Cash on India
account applying offers Delivery Option
Key Players

Limeroad Koovs Fashion and You

Limeroad was founded in 2012. Koovs was founded in 2009. They Fashion and You was founded in
They specialize in women clothing sell designer western wear and 2009. They specialize in apparels,
and fashion accessories for women. fashion accessories. accessories and household items.

Myntra Yepme Craftsvilla

Myntra was founded in 2007. They Yepme was founded in 2010. They Craftsvilla was founded in 2011.
deal in all kinds of fashion majorly deal in western clothing Their speciality is ethnic wear and
products. Myntra was taken over by and footwear. ethnic products.
Flipkart and Myntra has taken
over Jabong.
Our Work

Clothing Accessories and

Elite Shopee specializes in women
and children wear.
We sell western and ethnic wear Elite Shopee sells bags, wallets,
for men and women. jewellery, perfumes, handicrafts,
We also sell clothing for boys and and many more accessories online.
girls. Childcare products and Toys are
also sold.

We sell an extensive collection of
footwear for men, women and
children. We sell fashionable
footwear products at affordable
All types of footwear are sold
through elite shopee.
The Elite Shopee Experience

Easy to use Secure Payment Options

Our website is easy to use and Our payment gateway is a securely
everything that a customer needs is encrypted server where clients can
easily accessible. Our payment make payments. We also provide Cash
gateway is also easy to access. Elite on Delivery options.
Shopee is a complete online fashion

Wide range of products Offers and Discounts

We provide a wide range of fashion We provide regular offers and
products. Our products range from discounts on our wide range of
clothing to footwear to fashion products. We also offer discounts on
accessories to handicrafts products. our products that are sold on partner
websites such as amazon.

Pan India Delivery Customer account

Our strong network with logistic Every customer will have a unique
companies helps us to deliver all account where he can save products
over India. It allows us to reach out and buy them later. Customers can
to customers in every part of the also access their transaction history
country. and track current orders.
The Market
Target Market
Marketing Strategies
SWOT Analysis
Target Market

Elite Shopee will target the B2C market in India. We sell Men
our products to the customers directly through our e- We have expanded our services into
commerce platform- www.eliteshopee.com and mens clothing, footwear and fashion
through other e-commerce marketplaces like kraftly, accessories. We sell ethnic wear and
voonik, localqueen, amazon and many more. We western wear for men.
specialize in ethnic women wear.

In India 69% of the fashion retail sales In India, majority of the internet users
online cater to women. They contribute are the youth. They contribute to a large
to a very large portion of the fashion e- portion of the e-commerce sales. Our
commerce sales. Thus they become our trendy fashion products appeal to the
major target market. youth.

We specialize in women wear. In India,
majority of online retail sales come from
women. Our products for children are
also generally purchased by females,
thus the female section becomes our
major target market.
Marketing Strategies
Discounts and Offers Social Media Marketing
We provide regular discounts Our social media marketing will
and offers on our products to occur through Facebook,
keep the prices competitive. Instagram and other social
Our partner websites will also media sites. It is the fastest
promote our products in their way to reach out to the target
sales. market. It allows the customers
to review our products sold

Advertising Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Referral Schemes

We will advertise our products We will sell our products at We will provide discounts and
through emails, print media various regional exhibitions offers to every new user who
and websites. This will help us and events so that we can reach joins us on being referred by
to reach out to the target out to the larger audience. an existing user. Both users can
market. We also promote our Selling our products in different avail the offer. It will
products through our partner e- exhibitions helps us to create encourage new users to join
commerce platforms such as personal connect with and existing users to promote
Amazon, Voonik, etc. customers which in turn helps our website.
us to establish our brand.
SWOT Analysis
S.W.O.T. Analysis

Experienced and well
New entrant in a
competitive market
Large and fast growing
Change in Market
trends (Mitigant:
connected team
Pan India network (Mitigant: no entry Reaching out to the wide range of fashion
Authentic Products barrier, large portion of grass-root level products)
High Quality products the market is untapped) Scalability to other Payment gateway
Returns of products products security (Mitigant:
(Mitigant: Efficient Mobile Application securely encrypted
inventory management payment gateways
systems and including and cash on delivery
cost of logistics in options)
selling price)
Road Map
Where we are at
Whats Next
2015 Where Are We At?

Visitors count
100000+ visitors
Elite Shopee has more than 1,00,000
visitors on their website eliteshopee.com

Partner E-commerce Platforms

Elite Shopee has been live since 2015. It has

Elite Shopee sells products through its been selling its products as a e-commerce
own website and other e-commerce marketplace.
marketplaces like amazon, voonik and Elite Shopee is now working in the B2C
many more. We are trying to connect with segment only.
a lot more e-commerce platforms. Our product categories include- mens
Partner platforms give us access to a clothing, womens clothing, childrens clothing,
larger audience as well as a chance to jewellery, handicrafts, footwear, fashion
develop a brand name. accessories and healthcare products.
Whats Next?

August 2017 October 2017 December 2017 January 2018 March 2018
Expand the Tie up with more Expand into Establishing Go Global
number of e-commerce different product Brand Name
products sold marketplaces categories
Revenue Streams
Profit and Loss Account
Balance Sheet
Cash Flows
Revenue Streams
Profit And Loss
Balance Sheet
Cash Flows
The Exit
Exit Strategies
Exit Strategies
About Us
Contact Us

Narendra Purandre Amol Kucherakar Ravindra Dhalpe

Mr Narendra is the co-founder of the Mr Amol acts as a Director and Mr Ravindra acts as a Director and
company. His experience and Shareholder in the company. He Shareholder in the company. He will
connections in various sectors has brings with him a wealth of experience be taking care of the debt collection
been helping the firm. Previously he in the finance sector. He will be of and administrative department.
has worked in the HR sector. He great help in assessment of financial
brings with him a wealth of documents and help us with pricing
experience. With his guidance he can the products and cost management.
help the company to grow in all
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