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Consumer Behaviour in Services

Lecture # 3 Chapter # 3

qSearch Experience, and Credence Properties

qConsumer Choice
qConsumer Experience
qPost Experience Evaluation
qUnderstanding Difference Among Consumers
Search Experience, and Credence Properties

etween two categories of properties of consumer products:

chase or during consumption. Search qualities include colo
etely determined and evaluated before
Search Experience, and Credence Properties

qualities because their attributes cannot be fully known or

o evaluate even after purchase and consumption. Example
ate weather these services are performed properly.
Consumer Choice
s are concerned with is how customers choose and make d
ernatives and purchase.
eeds is fairly straightforward. Like at lunchtime, you recogn
Consumer Choice
ovide food and water likely to become more noticeable. Or
and visitors suffering from the strong heat.
ollowing the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington,
Consumer Choice
to all cultures but are particularly important in the East.
East In c
n do Westerners and therefore consume more services tha
mere $466 in France. Consumers in all cultures use many
Consumer Choice

ty, and belonging are not enough for many consumers, esp
vice such as health services, plastic surgery, teeth whitenin
esire to live up
Consumer Choice
such as skydiving, jungle safaris, amusement parks,
parks for pu

bout goods and services that might satisfy this need. Seek
vacation package or a professional landscape service.
Consumer Choice
nal such as mass media and websites to gain information a

ke use of both personal and non-personal sources because

eat extent on personal sources for several reasons.
Consumer Choice
ar less about experience qualities.
qualities By asking friends or expe
ces is that many types of non-personal sources of informat
r in in service industries clearly recognize the strong influen
Consumer Choice
photographs, and even virtual tours. Consumers can also s
ll feel some uncertainty about the outcome each time a ser
Consumer Choice
ny services are so technical or specialized that consumers
sing services suggests the use of various strategies to red
his system helps to reduce the risk for consumers.
Consumer Choice
o reduce risk.
risk For example, child care centers often encour
o standardise their offerings so that consumers learn to ex
op in retail stores that display competing products in close p
Consumer Choice
ank, a dry cleaner or a hair salon that almost always offer s
eas they may find numerous retail stores carrying the iden
ollecting and evaluating experiences qualities,
qualities consumers
Consumer Choice
atives, this trend is most noticeable in airlines and hotels w
rforming the services for themselves or hiring someone to p
d care. Consumers may consider themselves as sources o
Consumer Choice

ces is that most goods are fully produced at the factory prio
unknown at the point of purchase.
purchase In many cases the servic
or the service they
Consumer Choice
with services such as vacation tours , or ongoing services
signed prior to anything being produced at all. Because of
consumers evaluate the actual experience of the service is
Consumer Experience
“memorable experiences for their customers”. some provide
erstanding service experience and how customers evaluat
g and unique.
Consumer Experience
ception and evaluations of their experiences. Moods are dis
use services are experiences, moods and emotions are cri
red more negatively than he / she were in a cheerful and po
Consumer Experience
be colored by the mood. Even when other customers in a s
Post Experience Evaluation
m evaluation that determines to a large degree weather the
et post-purchase and post-experience evaluations are mos
Post Experience Evaluation
ct what consumers tell others about the service. Because s
mportant for service companies. The best way to get positi
ategy to curb negative word of mouth.
Post Experience Evaluation
ecause the products did not fulfil the needs, or were not wo
extent in the definition and production of services, they ma
cut; receiving the cut she desires depend on the part on her
Post Experience Evaluation
sing the wrong stylist,
stylist or for not communicating her own nee
se history and clearly evaluating symptoms;
symptoms dry cleaner’s s
. Failure to obtain satisfaction with any of these services m
Post Experience Evaluation
With products on the other hand the consumer just has to p
se, making it clear that if something goes wrong, it is not fa
ently about services than about goods because of their bel
Post Experience Evaluation
nd consumer behaviour that suggests that people rememb
e than to think of positive experience.
ds of goods are the availability of substitutes, social ties to
Understanding Differences Among Consumers

ure. Japanese take very few vacations and normally spend

ve to the special preferences of these big spending Japane
Understanding Differences Among Consumers

ch passenger, allowing viewing of Japanese, American or F

llection of animals and the small cages. To the Japanese w
e mistreatment.