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Outlining Paper 1

Introduction (1 Paragraph)

Overall definition of mechanical engineering major

Passion I have for mechanical engineering
Talk about how I hope to accomplish as a mechanical engineer
Discuss how I was set for this major before I was even born
Before I was Born (1 Paragraph)

Mom studied graphics and design in Colombia

Father studied mechanical engineering in Colombia
Father became primary mechanical engineer for Toyota in
Afterwards my father joined my mom at her family steel mill and
became primary supervisor of workers and machines
They moved here for their children, my brother and me
My parents degrees did not transfer over when they arrived so they
had to get minimum wage jobs
Elementary and Middle School
(1 Paragraph)
I do not remember much, however; I do remember struggling with
English and I was embarrassed to talk.
I was set in remedial English classes all throughout elementary and
middle school, Intensive reading.
I felt comfortable in math class, I did not have to read out loud or be
nervous about being picked on by the teacher.
Even though I was not doing well in math class in terms of grades, I
enjoyed the class because it was a conceptual class and I
understood what was going on with the numbers
Freshman and Sophomore Year of
High School
I did extremely well in math class, I was very proud
Brother went to college, chose aeronautical engineering as his
On summer of both years I would go visit my relatives in Colombia
I would learn about the steel mill
Uncle would take me to military exhibitions
Grandfather invented and implemented a machine at his steel mill that
increased production
Subscribed to Popular Science magazine
Started to build model airplanes, helicopters, and tanks
Junior and Senior Year of High
Took challenging math and science classes
AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Physics 1, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP
Psychology, AP English Composition
Around this time I already knew my major
Getting a 2 in English Composition online supported my decision even
more, Physics C was turned out to be my favorite course
Started the Physics Club in my school
Did better in the math section of the SAT
My father began teaching me the basics of car engines

Chose Mechanical Engineering as my major

Made me determined to succeed in my field
Currently involved in two clubs
SHPE, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
AIAA, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Going to Solidworks workshop (3D modeling software)
Looking for possible research Opportunities in Mathematics or

Quick recap of major events that determined my major

What I hope to gain from the college (4 years to go)
What I want to accomplish in the future
Extra Stuff to Write About (maybe
Learned I wanted to be an engineer from a variety of ways, not a
single factor
Sponsors: Father, brother, grandfather, physics teacher
Relationship between sponsor and me
Conflict: struggling with education