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Melina Miller
Patient Care Abilities
Personal Strengths Short term goals
Quick learning Understand unit policy
Interpersonal relationships Master clinical skills
Personal Weaknesses Long term goals
Difficulty saying no Go back to school
Application of critical thinking Gain additional certification
Unit Leadership Abilities
Personal Strengths Short term goals
Leadership abilities Join committees
Involved in organizations Long term goals
Personal Weaknesses Charge nurse
Overly involved Get involved in management
Delegation difficulties
Professional Development Goals
Short term goals
Registered Nurse in Arizona
Advanced Practice Nurses
Registered Nurse Certified (RNC) OB or NICU
Long term goals
National Nurses of America
Womens Health Nurse Practitioner or Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
Leadership Book
First Year Nurse edited by Barbara Arnoldussen, RN, MBA
Opportunity for Improvement Beneficial to professional
Coping with challenging growth
patients Keep up-to-date
Helping doctors help patients Continuing education
Speak up when needed Career lift of a conference
Leadership Shadowing Experience

Shadowed the charge nurse

Allowed for increased knowledge
Charge nurses are problem solvers, leaders, communicators,
role models
Supportive team member and respecting the leader
Continuously being in touch with staff
Professional Activity

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification

Refresher of past knowledge
Hands on learner
Small group discussions
Passing NCLEX and achieving Timeline
Arizona licensure

Gain confidence and mastery of

my skills relevant to my unit

Join a variety of committees

Get a masters degree in nursing

Become a charge nurse

Get into a DNP program to

become a nurse practitioner
Educational Plan
Personal Aspirations Short term goals
Become confident Be the best nurse I can be
Be happy Get involved
Potential Opportunities Long term goals
Become a nursing mentor, Continue my education
nursing preceptor, and charge Expand my nursing roles
Arnoldussen, Barbara. (2016). First year nurse: Wisdom, warnings, and what I wish
Id known my first 100 days on the job (4th ed.). New York, NY: Kaplan Inc.