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Reconstructing Society Through Cultural Transmission

Presented By:
Matthew Joseph
Brendan Gallagher
Daniella Mottola
Alyson Michalek
Ryan Casale
Using diverse instructional techniques,
nontraditional learning teaches students
cutting edge knowledge, as they grow to
be active members of society with
knowledge, respect, and passion.
Purpose of Bardams Goal
Teachers are not as restricted
School can offer higher quality, unique education
that is more progressive
Hands on instruction prompts discovery of the
schools central curriculum through productive
Location:56-25 92nd St, Elmhurst, NY 11373
Located in the heart of elmhurst queens Bardam Charter is
accessible by car,bus,train, and a good number of our
students are in walking distance from home.
Most students are eligible for student metrocards which
either negate or reduce the price of student transportation
By Train
The R or M train to Woodhaven Blvd-Slattery Plaza
By Bus
Q38, Q52, Q53 Q58, Q59, Q60 or Q11 to Woodhaven
and Queens Blvd.
We Strive for Greatness

All teaching faculty Famous Alumni include

Stephen Hawking
are certified with a Oprah Winfrey
special education Carmelo Anthony
degree Andy Roddick
Brendan Gallagher
Donald trump
Ellen Degeneres

Among the highest in

graduation and retention
rates in all of New York

Publicly funded based on enrolment.


The Gallagher Scholarship for History.

The Michalek Scholarship for Biology.

The Casale Scholarship for Music.

The Mottola Scholarship for Mathematics.

The Joseph Scholarship for Science.

The Owls Scholarship for exceptional ability in sports.

The Innovation Scholarship.

1. Teachers Supplies
2. Building Upkeep
3. Technology
4. Extracurriculars
5. Field Experiences
Provides a high emphasis on extracurriculars in order to increase a
students love for attending schools
Developing well-rounded students
Peaking students interests in various subjects
Develop an appreciation for various cultures and the diversity found
within each of them
Cultural Nights
Monthly Cultural Dedications
All students must achieve greatness academically and socially
There is a tremendous amount of emphasis on attendance
Homework is assigned 3 times a week
Students must follow our social contract

Our expectations are high but absolutely achievable

Guardians Are Huge Part of Success Therefore We
All Must Work As a Team
Guardians will be able to receive a weekly report of their child's
achievements through a parent's portal
Bardam Charter will provide literacy sessions to help build guardians
We will have a monthly update meetings through the app HouseParty
to allow parents to voice their opinions and keep them updated with
school events