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Van Zoonen Bell Hooks Judith Butler

Feminist Theory Feminist theory Gender performativity

Patriarchal Male
Intersectionality - representations
dominated society Gender Performativity
are mixed together to add to white
Matriarchal Female Breaking free from gender
supremacists and patriarchal society
dominated society stereotypes
Oppression prolonged cruel or
The idea that the display unjust treatment or exercise of
of womens bodies as authority Gender and sexuality;
objects to be looked at is gender troubles; those
a core element of Gender, sexuality, class and that dont fit with
western patriarchal ethnicity heterosexual norm
culture Flip stereotypical the idea that there is no
Men are shown as demonstrations of power by gender identity behind
spectacle putting minorities in power the expressions of gender
Contextual to culture and the idea that
historical references Feminism is a political struggle to performativity is not a
end patriarchal domination and singular act, but a
Gender is what we do not other factors affect this domination, repetition and a ritual.
who we are including race and class.
Gender is a social construct
Joyce is objectified masculine and feminine are
Hopper has the power Dr. Brenner, is typically what is created through repetition
(counter type) perceived as someone with a lot of
Nancy is being objectified power, e.g. a CEO Elevens gender is never
by Steve Brenner is thought to have revealed to the audience, as
Dr. Brenner (White male) oppressed Eleven and several she has the characteristics of
Very powerful other children in a a boy (shaved head), but the
(Government job) government experiment audience can tell it is a girl
due to her scene with Benny.