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Soil Science

Is the Study of Soil as a Natural resource on the

surface of earth including soil formation classification
and mapping; Physical Chemical Biological and
fertility proprieties of Soil; and these proprieties in
relation to the use & Management of Science for crop
It is a dynamic natural body composed of mineral
matter and organic matter and living form in which
plant growth.
1. Soil Microbiology
Branch of Science dealing with the study of Soil Micro-
Organism and their activities in the Soil their function
and how they effect Soil Proprieties
Relationship with Soil Physics:
Decomposition of Organic Matter
Microbes Release Mucilage
2. Soil Chemistry
Deals with the Chemical constitution chemical
properties and chemical processes taking place in Soil.
Relationship with Soil Physics:
Increase the concentration of the sodium effect on Soil
Physical Properties
3. Soil Fertility
Concerns the ability of a Soil to Supply the essential
plant nutrients for plant growth.
Relationship with Soil Physics:
Addition of Organic matter increase the pore Spaces
in the Soil.
4. Soil Physics
Deals with the mechanical behavior of Soil Mass, i.e. the
Physics properties of Soil, with emphasis on the state
transport of matter (especially water) in the Soil.
Relationship with Soil Physics:
Macro Pores (Sandy Soil)
Micro Pores (Clay Soil)
5. Soil Salinity
Deals with the excess soluble salts present in the Soil,
their reclamation and Soil management for Saline
Relationship with Soil Physics:
In coarse textured Soil
In Fine Textured Soil
6. Soil Mineralogy
Deals with the primary and Secondary Soil Minerals and
their contribution to the chemistry Physics Fertility
and biology of soils and their relationship to Soil
Relationship with Soil Physics:
Addition of Minerals (Primary and Secondary)
7. Soil Conservation
Deals with protection of the Soil from physical loss by
erosion (by wind and water) or chemical deterioration.
Thus Soil conservation is concerned with a
combination of all management and land-us methods
that safeguard the soil against deterioration by natural
or human-induced factors.
Relationship with Soil Physics:
Mulching Improve Soil Structure and Water