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With what? With whom?

Machines/Equipment: Computers, network, software People involved with this process:
Document and record controls Customer Representative Quality Engineers
Inspection and test equipment Core Team Members Process Engineers
Other hardware resources Launch Manager PPAP Facilitator
Links/interfaces with involved parties:
Materials: PPAP items Checking aids Customer Engineering Sales Manager
Parts Records, data Customer Contact Laboratory Staff

Inputs? Customer wants: Process Name Outputs? Customer need is fulfilled for:
Customer has received PPAP
Customer requires PPAP
submittal per __________
___________________ documents and items per _____
incl. objective evidence of the
Process Steps/Activities: validated process and product
Input requirements. What are the inputs that Output requirements. What output criteria
determine what the process must produce? _________________________
Review PPAP requirements are used to determine that the output meets
P.O. # ______ Select and prepare PPAP items
_________________________ the input requirements?
Process and Part specifications Review and approve items
_________________________ Organization PPAP approval
Customer-specific requirements Approve PSW and submit Customer PSW approval
Customer-specific PPAP reqs
_________________________ Error-free and timely launch
PPAP 4th Edition Customer satisfaction scores

Measure? How?
With what key criteria? Measurements/Assessments: Support processes: (Who helps and how?)
All PPAP items per Table 4.2 are correct Tooling Management Calibration
and available for approval and submittal Materials Management Storage
Internal (process) audit results Logistics Maintenance
Procedures/work instructions/control documents:
Management review records
PPAP procedures CSRs
Process/Product data, PPM, Ppk, Cpk, etc. AIAG Core Tools Other