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History and

•Headquartered in Mumbai, Pepperfry.com is India's largest

furniture and home online marketplace
•Offers products across categories like furniture, home décor,
appliances, kitchen and dining, etc
•Company is funded by Northwest Venture Partners
•Brand retails through their online site
•Founders are: Ambareesh Murty & Ashish Shah, in January 2012
Development of Pepperfry.com

•Started operations
•Offered a selection of products across multiple lifestyle categories 2012

•The company pivoted to sell only furniture and home décor products in multiple cities
across India 2013

• Major milestone of shipping 1 lakh units of furniture in November 2014

• The ĐoŵpaŶy lauŶĐhed its first ĐoŶĐept store ͞Studio Pepperfry͟ 2014

•The company celebrated a major milestone of successfully delivering one million

customer orders. 2015
Target Audience
(Two Types)

Youth or working professionals They attempt to become

ǁ h o ͛ǀ e aĐhieǀ ed eŶough furnishing partners and
purchasing power to spend on supply their products en
themselves in substantial masse to hotels, new
amounts chic office spaces, etc

Newly married couples fall into

this category as well as a corollary
to this segment
Business2Consumer: (25 – 44 years) (General)
Market segmentation is a marketing strategy which involves dividing a broad
market into subsets of consumers, businesses, or countries who have, or are
perceived to have, common needs, interests, and priorities, and then designing and
implementing strategies to target them.

• 1. Young people • 1. Newly married • 1. Working

• 2. Enthusiastic working people professionals
• 3. Trendy • 2. Independent • 2. High demand of
• 4. Fashionable • 3. experimental home décor related
• 5. Sense of aesthetics • 4. Buying power is good products
• 6. Good understanding of • 5. Willing to spend on • 3. Very particular
E-SHOPPING products like home about the design and
• 7. Buying power is low décor aesthetics of the
• 6. Mostly lives in a product
nuclear family • 4. Buying power is
• 7. High demand of very high as compare
portable products to other segments
18-28 yrs 28-35 yrs 35-45 yrs

•Launched in 2012 •A rocket internet backed •A Bangalore based start

up and a brand owned
•A venture of Bangalore-based venture & the most
by Singapore-based Salar
Descasa Decor visited online home store
in India Online Pvt Ltd has
•Online Pvt Ltd, Urbanladder is forayed into online home
currently delivering to •FabFurnish was launched décor space in 2012.
Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi/ in January 2012
•Aims to bring in exclusive
NCR region (Gurgaon, Noida). •Known for its designer range in categories such
• Online store has made a furniture, furnishings, as Home decor, Kitchen
strong foothold in the décor items and Tools, World Foods, and
segment and have recently kitchenware Cushion Covers
raised $1 million in series A
funding and is looking to close
a Series B round in coming
Studio Pepperfry is a one-of-its-kind concept store from Pepperfry.com, India's
leading online Furniture and Home marketplace. It showcases a curated range of
furniture from the online portfolio of Pepperfry, and serves as a design
inspiration. A unique concept from Pepperfry, Studio Pepperfry demystifies the
furniture buying process and makes it a delightful experience
Business Model
Marketplace Model

• Vendor to Customer dispatch

On Demand

• In this type of business model, products are listed on the website. As soon
as order is placed, vendor gets intimation and after which products are
manufactured and directly delivered to customers.


• Products are either bought by Pepperfry or are with Sell or Return

policy. Purchased items are then stored in warehouses. Pepperfry owns
warehouses in Bhiwandi, Jodhpur, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Kolkata
Furniture Home Decor

Bath & Body Appliances

Lamps & Lighting

House- Keeping &

Pet Supplies

Kitchen Appliances
PepperFry on Digital Space
• Pepperfry launched its mobile site that can be
Mar͛ surfed on any web browser or mobile device . It
features a customizable cart before checkout,
13 creation of wish-lists – all of which can be shared
with friends & families through Twitter, Facebook &

• Pepperfry tied-up with Satchi & Satchi to release its

OĐt͛ first television commercial with ͞Happy Furniture to
You͟ as its unique brand proposition. It was spread
14 across radio, digital, outdoor and social platforms
like Google, YouTube and Facebook

• The company recently launched its app to assist

JuŶe͛ millions of Android and iOS users to make their
decisions in a more informed manner using the
15 enhanced ͚AugŵeŶted Reality͛ features
Marketing and Initiatives
•Pepperfry tied-up with Satchi&Satchi to release its first television
commercial with ― ͞Happy Furniture to You͟ as its unique brand

•The Mumbai-based agency conceptualized a themed film and two

supporting films that highlight Pepperfry͚s value propositions of ―
͞Free Delivery and Asseŵďly͟ and ― ͞100% Satisfaction or Money
Back AssuraŶĐe͟ for consumers.

•A successful 360 degree campaign, the marketing mix featured a

sustained radio campaign, on-ground activation and key outdoor
promotions across top cities. The campaign also came alive on digital
and social platforms like Google, YouTube and Facebook
Pepperfry & Blogging

•started blog on 30th July 2012 (Bon-Hommie) The blog is their official home and living

•Pepperfry has managed to link this blog with their other social accounts like Facebook ,
Twitter , Google+ , Pinterest and YouTube

•The blog consists of DIY (do it yourself ), room decor, Happy furnishing (which consists of
your ideas ), Home improvement(which consists of decor, home improvement, kitchen
bed and bath ) , Pet & Gardening

•The blogs has some good ideas based on home decor and DIY , thus successfully keeping
up with current trends

•For queries there is a contact us section for people who have some cool ideas and even
want to discuss it in person

•The blog is user friendly

Pepperfry for iOS and Android
According to a statement by Pepperfry, ͞The app has been designed based on
extensive consumer insights undertaken by the company. Pepperfry understands
that customers often struggle with questions related to product display, e.g. how
will an online product fit inside their homes – both physically and aesthetically. The
app addresses these specific consumer needs – they can now zoom into products,
drag and place them against their room set-up, or their walls, share images using
social media, and engage meaningfully with India’s largest home improvement
community for advice and opinions.͟
Pepperfry & YouTube
•Pepperfry launched their YouTube channel 3 years
back and have been consistent in uploading videos.

•They have a series of videos showing how the

furniture was made in order to give customer
satisfaction on their queries regarding the product
and brand loyalty.

•They have created Studio Pepperfry playlist and

uploaded online brochures for their Đustoŵer͛s

•Pepperfry is currently running ads for Diwali –

͚͛Why wait for Diwali?͛͛
Ad film campaigns and testimonials
Audio Visual communication about the products
Social Media Analysis
Social Media is indeed an important portal for customer interaction, addressing
the grievances; and most essentially, valuing the brand and its products
This 30 days (March 15-April 15, 2015) analytic report from Simplify360
studies the online presence of the 2 major Online Furniture Retailers in India
along with Pepperfry
Social Media Analysis
Social Media Analysis
Company information
Social Media Analysis
Pictures & videos with website links
Update on upcoming
offers and discounts
Social Media Analysis
Social Media Analysis
Facebook: Interact with customers & solve their
problems if any
Social Media Analysis
Effective replies to customers Interactive contests
Social Media Analysis
Social Media Analysis
Twitter: Colorful and high contrast pictures with links
Social Media Analysis
Updates on latest offers, TV Campaigns, new products etc.
Social Media Analysis
Solve Customer queries
Social Media Analysis
Photos and Videos
Social Media Analysis
Social Media Analysis
Social Media Analysis
Social Media Analysis
Social Media Analysis
Social Media Analysis
Attractive, colourful, images and designs from the website
Tone used :
Classy , Helpful,
Email Update Analysis
Email Update Analysis
Email Update Analysis
Pepperfry for iOS and Android
•Furniture and home products ecommerce marketplace Pepperfry has launched
its mobile app. Currently available on iOS and Android, the app will also be
launched on the Amazon App Store soon.
•Prior to the launch, Pepperfry tweeted out a couple of teasers
Pepperfry – Content Strategy

Content wins over Fabfurnish and Urbanladder because

Pepperfry not only gives the Retail Price but also Price and Offer
Price along with coupon codes available seasonally

Options between Colonial,

Chic and aesthetic giving a
Indian, Contemporary or
rustic look to the overall
modern when it comes to the

Seek to revolutionize Indian

Đustoŵer͛s aĐĐess to
Pepperfry – Content Strategy
Pepperfry – Content Strategy
Pepperfry Web Analytics
Pepperfry Web Analytics
Pepperfry Web Analytics
Pepperfry Web Analytics
Strategy recommendation
for Pepperfry on Snapchat
1. Pepperfry can start their strategy on Snapchat by uploading ‘snippets’ of their
new collection twice every week and direct them to their YouTube Channel for
full video on the same

2. Short-term discount coupons for people who follow Pepperfry on Snapchat,

say for 3-5 hours. This will increase the traffic on their Snapchat stories for a
particular time period and coupons will help increase the sale

3. Making of Pepperfry products- snippets

4. Happy customers lucky draw giveaways and

announcement on Snapchat, so followers open
the snap stories every time Pepperfry uploads
any picture.
What did we learn during the research phase?

Pepperfry gave us the opportunity to

understand various processes that makes the
site to function and cater to the target
customer effectively
Thank You!