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Human Resource practice in


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Grameenphone: At a glance
Grameenphone in now leading telecommunication service
provider in Bangladesh with more than 28.7 million subscriber
as of October 2010.

GP was the first company to introduce GSM technology in

Bangladesh when it launched its service in march 1997.
Why is No.1???
HR Division

Coordination Business control

Resourcing Health Safety

HR &
& HR Operation Administration
Employer Development Environment
Human Recourse practice in
Job analysis:
• Graded job according to its nature and the
level of responsibility.

• Giving incumbent full opportunity to

participate freely in the preparation and
periodic revision of the Job Description
Recruitment and Selection process:

• Attracting the field

• Short listing
• Selection test
• Employment interview
• Selection decision
• Job Offer
• Evaluation & Employment Contract
Human Resource Planning:

• Performance evaluation
• Promotion
• Arranging various training programs
• Different talent sourcing activities
Employee Motivation
• Profit Sharing
• Performance Bonuses
• Rewards
• Services Benefits
Findings and Analysis

• Comprehensiveness of the HR Strategies and Policies

• Introducing of Enterprise Software
• Access of the employees to HR Strategies and
• Access of the employees to HR Strategies and
• Acceptance among the employees
• HR Strategies and Policies and human rights issues
Stepping toward the Future:

• Training and Development

• HR counseling cell
• HR wings for different department
• Improvement in Job Description
• Create job rotation
• Continuous modernization and revision
• Scope of growth