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2 Types of Outdoor Environments

Biomes are the concept we use to describe the different types of
outdoor environment found around us.
They can be distinguished by:
• specific climate
• geological features
• Plant and animal communities found in them
• Distribution/spacing of plants
• Other unique attributes (ie: endemic species)
BIOME : A large naturally occurring community of flora and fauna
occupying a major habitat
Victoria’s key Biomes
The World Wildlife Fund recognises over 30 different biomes
around the world.
Within Victoria we find 8 of these.
• Alpine
• Grasslands
• Heathlands
• Mallee
• Dry forest and woodland
• Wet forest and rainforest
• Inland waters and wetlands
• Coast & marine environments
 Red gum forest- Barmah
National Park
• Dry Forest & Woodland

Mallee Scrub 
Hatah Kulkyne National Park
• Mallee (very similar to desert
 Werribee Grasslands-
protected area outside
Werribee near the You Yang

 The Great Ocean Walk, Otway

National Park.

Troopers Creek, Grampians

National Park.
• Heathland
 Wetland lake system-
• Jells Park.

 Mt St Gwinear- Baw Baw National Park

• Alpine
 Cape Otway- Otway National Park
• Coastal/Marine

 Mountain Ash rainforest- Dandenong

Ranges National Park, near Grants Picnic
• Wet forest/rainforest