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Informatica Training in

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 TIB Academy is a No.1 Institute of Informatica Training in Bangalore. Informatica is a BI
tool (Business Intelligence development tool) which plays a vital role in Data
warehousing. To deliver effective forecasting and high performance, it performs data
manipulation and ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) operation such as data – cleaning,
integration, modification and quality services. Collection, Analyzation and Visualization
are the three stages of BI where ETL is involved in the collection phase to extract both
the semi-structured and unstructured data.
 In big organisations, data is the precious asset. Informatica tool plays a key role in
extracting and forecasting the data in an efficient manner. It is highly utilized and
prefered by ETL experts and data analysts to handle the DB issues and Big data
challenges. With this Informatica course, enable yourself with fundamental stuffs of
data warehousing, Business Intelligence, ETL process, data mining/ data extraction,
load planning, performance tuning and workflow scheduling.
 TIB Academy is the best Informatica training institute in marathahalli, where you can gain
guidance from our industrial experts with extraordinary subject proficiency and skill. We
are providing the best training and placement support with affordable Informatica
training cost in Bangalore. Our tutors can guide you to clear the examination for
Informatica certification in Bangalore and our Informatica training program starts from
the fundamentals of data warehouse management until the advanced level of ETL
applications. We are doing both the classroom training and live – online informatica
training in Bangalore.
 1. Data warehouse Concepts
 What is Data Warehouse?
 Data Warehouse Architecture (Basic)
 Dimensional Modelling
 Star Schema
 Snowflake Schema
 Dimension
 Fact
 Slowly Changing Dimension
 2.Introduction to Informatica PowerCenter
 PowerCenter 9 architecture
 Extraction, Transformation and loading process
 Power Center tools
 3.PowerCenter Components
 Designer
 Repository Manager
 Workflow Manager
 Workflow Monitor
 4.Informatica Concepts and Overview
 Informatica Architecture.
 Transformations
 Active and Passive Transformations
 Mappings
 Mapplets
 Sessions
 Tasks
 5. Sources
 Relational Tables (Oracle)
 Flat Files (fixed width, Delimiter Files)
 Xml Files
 6.Targets
 Working with Relational Targets
 Working with flat file Targets
 7.Mappings & Mapplets
 Mapping Variables & Parameters
 Working with Mapping Wizards
 8.Transformations
 Expression
 Lookup
 Sequence Generator
 Filter
 Joiner
 Sorter
 Stored Procedure
 Union
 Router
 Aggregator
 Update Strategy
 Expression
 Debugging Mappings
 9.Workflow Manger
 Workflows, Worklets
 Session Task, Email task, Decision task, Event wait & Event raise,
Assignment task, Command task
 10.Performance Tuning
 Partition – Pipeline, Dynamic
 Informatica Tuning (Source, target, mapping & Session)