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Creating Customer Awareness

with Marketing Strategies of

Dee Power Corporation
Name: Shirshendu Roy
Course: MBA (2015-17)
Reg. No: 152770710081 of 2015-16
Roll No: 27700915075
Name of the mentor (College): Dr. Soujanya Pudi
Name of the supervisor (Company): Mr. Sourav Das
1. Introduction
2. Dee Power Corporation
3. Greaves Cotton Limited
4. Salient features of DG Set
5. Object of Study
6. Methodology of Study
7. Limitation of Study
8. Data Analysis
9. Conclusion
10. Bibliography

It is a research on “Creating Customer Awareness with

Marketing Strategies of Dee Power Corporation”. The
objective of this study is to judge the Satisfaction Level of
customers in different aspects of Dee Power Ltd. Satisfying
our customers is an essential element to staying in business
in this modern world of global competition.
Dee Power Corporation
 Dee Power Corporation is a part of Mitose group.
 We are the authorised dealer of Greaves Cotton Ltd. for Greaves power
brand Instant Start Silent Diesel Generating Sets ranging from 2.5kva
to 3000 kva.
 Having in-depth experience of more than 3 decades.
 Our comprehensive range encompasses Diesel Generator, Industrial
Engine and Marine Engine, Solar power.
 Our Services include Annual maintenance contract(AMC),diesel
generating set on rent and diesel generating set installations.
 Our branches are located in Burdwan, Asansol, Contai, Kakdwip,
Siliguri, Fulbari and workshop and head office being in Kolkata.
Greaves Cotton Limited
 Greaves cotton Limited is one of India's leading, diversified engineering
 Having in-depth experience of more than 50 years of experience in
manufacturing a wide range of industrial products .
 Greaves manufactures diesel generating sets in a wide range from 2.5KVA
to 500KVA .
 The generating sets, are branded as "Greaves Power".
 We produce and supply superior quality products and services for different
market segments including real estate, construction, IT / ITES, retail, hotels,
hospitals, banking and finance, railways, manufacturing and process
industries, at competitive costs.
 The products are manufactured at its Chakan plant, an ISO 9001-2000
certified facility and are compliant to the emission norm CPCB-II and are
Salient features of DG Set

 Compact- Design Best in class.

 High Reliability.
 Fuel efficient.
 Low Lube Oil Consumption.
 Low maintenance.

Optional Features:

 AMF/Auto Synchronizing/Load sharing panels.

 Genset Controller with remote monitoring feature.
 Genset with heat exchanger/coil cooler.
 Heavy duty air cleaner.
 Cold starting Kit.
Objective of Studies
 To find out the satisfaction level of the customers, towards the
Dee Power Corporation.
 To make appropriate recommendation to enhance the customer
satisfaction based on findings.
 To find out the awareness level of the customers with regard to
Dee Power Corporation.

 To find out the customer’s feedback about Diesel Generator Set.

 To find out the customer satisfaction regarding after sale service.
Methodology of Study
 Type of Research: Descriptive research, also known as statistical
research, describes data and Characteristics about the population or
phenomenon being studied.
 Data Collection Method: The data collection methods used in this
study was interviews with customers. Questionnaire played an important
role in my study .There are two kinds of data used in this study. These
i) Primary data. ii) Secondary data.
 Sampling Unit: Customers and staff of Dee Power Corporation.
 Sample Size: For the observation of the customer and interaction with
them, 70 was taken.
Limitation of Study
 The study is time bounded.

 Lack of proper training.

 Kolkata based study.

 Limited information about data base & market.

 Lack of field experience.

Data Analysis
Showing Segment Classification of Customers
Segments of Customers
Builders &
Segment Industrial Sector Others

Percentage 70 25 5

Segment of Customer

Builders &

Industrial sectors

Showing the Classification of Customer Satisfaction
Level about After Sale Service
Satisfaction Level about Service
Level of Not
Excellent Good Average
Satisfaction Satisfactory
Percentage 25 51 23 1

Customere s Satisfactio n Level about

After Sale Service




Excellent Good Average Not satisfactory

Showing the Classification of Brand Preference
in Local Market
Classification of Brand Preference
Brands Cummins Kirloskar Greaves Other
Percentage 40 25 20 15

Brand Prefarence in Local market




Showing the Classification of Maximum Selling
DG set of Greaves (on KVA basis)
Classification of maximum selling DG set
KVA 10 - 50 62.5 - 125 160 - 500
Percentage 10 75 15

Maximum Selling DG Set (on

KVA Basis)

10 to 50 kva 62.5 to125 kva 160 to 500 kva

Showing the Classification of Satisfaction Level
about Product Price
Satisfaction Level of Product Price
Satisfaction Not
Excellent Good Average
Level Satisfactory
Percentage 30 60 7 3

Satisfaction Level of Product Price

7% 3%

60% Not satisfactory
The survey shows a huge population is already aware
about the Greave’s diesel generator but still the brand need
to focus on certain aspects to maintain the sustainability in
the market. The foremost important thing to become a
market challenger is to satisfy the customer needs. The
service provided by the company should be enhancing to
attract more customers toward the brand.

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II. www.greavespower.com
III. www.greavescotton.com

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V. www.wikipedia.com
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