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The environmental degradation is one of
the major threat the world is facing today.
Global Warming, Ozone Depletion, air, water
and land Pollution are very sensitive issues
The survey is about the various Health
Hazards caused by Environment Pollution in the
City of Trivandrum.


] Discharge of poisonous and boiling industrial
effluent directly into the sea through an open
] Sea water polluted and have a yellowish color
due to presence of chemical pollutants.
] Aquatic plant and animal vegetation getting
] Health of hundreds affected. Asthma
becoming a common disease among children.
] Plant for processing of industrial effluent is
not yet completed. The plan was proposed
before about ten years and the required
machinery were already purchased..
] Authorities are ͚eyes-closed͛ before the crime
done by the company .
] Influence on the population whose majority
are poor and illiterate.
] Bad Politics in the area.


] Prominent Clay Factory in the Veli Industry
] Dumping of the 4th Grade clay in an open
dump-yard near the factory in a heavily
inhabited area.
] The whole area covered with white clay dust.
] Water collected in the dump-yard creating the
mosquito problem in the area.
] Water born diseases create many health
hazards for the nearby population.
] Authorities never cared the demand of the
residents to control the waste-dumping
] The management of the company do not have
a humanitarian approach.
] For the sake of influencing the population,
job-opportunities are given for the residents.

] Parvathy Puthanar is a canal which flows
through this place and ends in the Karamana
] Polluted due to lack of social hygiene.
] Flows through highly populated area.
] Authorities not caring about residents.
] Polluted water used by the people for daily
] Poor and uneducated population not aware
much about pollution hazards.
] Local authorities giving less importance to the
river-water sanitation.
] Lack of unity among the locals.
] Health of people very badly affected due to
daily intake of this polluted water.


] Karamana River pollution create much

problems to the public.
] Spreading many diseases among the
] The well-water also getting polluted.
] Shortage of drinking water.
] Tourism very badly affected due the dark, foul-
smelling water filled with pollutants.
] Diseases spread in wide-range.
] Hazardous effect is more since the river flows
through the heart of the city.
] Pollution mainly from subsidiary canals like
Parvathy Puthanaar.
] Authorities not effective in initiating
pollution-reduction measures.



] Garbage processing plant under the

ownership of State Government at a distance
of 15 km from the city.
] Nightmare for the people since the project is a
failure due to mis-management.
] Unbearable stench spreading across 10 km.
] The old private operators ͚POABSON͛ left due
to insufficient supply of garbage.
] Authorities informed the problem of stench
cannot be resolved since the technology
adopted is having that diadvantage.
] Leachate - the liquid that drains from the
garbage heap is also another big problem
affecting the residents.
] Indirectly polluting Karamana River by
polluting the Chowallor Stream which empties
into it.
] Stray dogs becoming dangerous to both
humans and domestic animals.
] Land ʹ value near the plant decreasing.
] Residents cant get into good marriage



] Runs through the heart of the city.
] Pollutants from hotels, industries, households
etc. affecting the water.
] Very slow-moving water in a very narrow size.
] Problems of Overflowing during rainy seasons.
] Shop-keepers having big problem with lack of
] Mosquitoes create much problem to the
] Lack of proper maintanace from the part of
] Cause diseases like cholera, dungi fever etc to
the people.
] Drinking water sources also getting polluted.


] One of the famous river which runs through
the city-heart in Trivandrum.
] Flows about 12.5 km through the city and
merges with Karamana River at
] Disposal mainly due to household waste
] Studies say that water contain many harmful
germs which may causer epidemic diseases.
] Illegal sand mining also destroys the river
] Disorders like rashes, skin allergy, lungs
ailment, asthma etc. are caused to the



] The surroundings are having a very pathetic
] The waste water is flowed to the drainage in
front of the hospital
] Biological waste from the hospital is not
properly disposed.
] Corruption and mis-management is the cause
in such noble institution.
] Faulty and outdated machineries and
incinerators should be replaced.
] Biological waste should be treated and
dumped in the proper prescribed manner.
] Wastage that are to be buries should be
treated and buried in concrete pits.

] Palayam market is one of the oldest and the
busiest market area in Trivandrum.
] Since the market is always busy, the system of
waste management is not that perfect.
] Lack of hygiene affects the shop-keepers as
well as customers.


] Open sewage in heavily populated area.
] Water is dark and foul smelled.
] Well ʹwater also getting polluted.
] Disease spreading
] Residents͛ complaints discarded by the
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The authorities should take the problem of
the pollution in the capital city very seriously.
Many people are getting affected very
seriously due to pollution hazards. Immediate
remedial actions are to be done. The public
also should join in eradicating this problem
from the city.
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The study really helped me to
understand the real problems faced by my city.
I have passed through many places earlier, but
never really cared about the problems faced by
the people there. But this survey helped me to
change my attitude. Interaction with the local
people helped me to draw the real, ugly face of
the city. Immediate corrective actions are to be
taken to save our city from its state.