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The trademark Corporation «Bucuria» is the visit card of Moldova.

Today this is the largest enterprise producing confectionery in the

republic. For more than six decades the Corporation «Bucuria» gives joy
to the children and grown-ups, totally corresponding to the motto – «Life
is sweeter with us…»

Corporation «Bucuria» have long ago become, together with the

Moldavian wines, a particular symbol of Moldova. And today, when out
of the production lines of company«Bucuria» around 37 tones of
confectionery are received daily, it is difficult to believe that the history of
the «sweet legend» of our country began in the far year 1946 from the
association of several small manufactories.

For more than sixty years, the direction was held by real
professionals and patriots of the own enterprise, these persons forged the
fame of «Bucuria». In various years the factory was led by 24 directors,
which made a priceless contribution to the development of the leader of
the Moldavian industry.
Namely this difficult, first post-war year, is according to the
documents the official date of «birth» of the confectionery factory No.
1 of Chisinau, on the basis of which subsequently the most «tasty»
enterprise of our country appeared– SA «Bucuria».
The year 1946 is marked in our history by the resolution of the
Council of Ministers of the republic on the modernization and
launching of the production at the enterprise founded on the basis of
the ex-artisan enterprises – factory No. 1 of Chisinau.
In 1949 the pasta shop with the capacity of 10 tones of production per day
was put into operation. You see: such an index is even today considered not
bad, and at «Bucuria» it grew up to 50 tines subsequently. In 1952 the biscuit
shop with the capacity of 14 tones of production per day was put into
operation. Further one that index grew up to 33 tones per day. Such high
results could be attained with a three-shift regime of work of the mentioned
In 1955, after the finishing of the reconstruction of the candy shop, its
capacity was of 7,5 tones per day, and the capacity of the chocolate
department in the production of chocolate-praline masses – almost 4,5 tones
per day.
The modernization and extension of the factory is a continuous process
which does not stop even nowadays.
In 1955 the factory was
renamed into the
Confectionery-pasta factory,
and seven years after, in
1962, to that denomination
another name, known today
to each small and adult sweet
tooth not only of our country,
was added – «Bucuria»,
which in translation means
«joy». It is indeed impossible
to invent a more suitable
name for the confectionery
factory: after all, the sweets
give joy to everybody with
no exceptions – both to adults
and children!
Simultaneously with the
recognition, the enterprise
itself is growing and
strengthening. Towards
1986 the production
capacities reached 42
thousand tones of
confectionery per year.
Even today, at the
daybreak of the XXI
century, not many
enterprises may boast of
such high indexes!
Factory for many years, for obvious reasons, has existed as
a state enterprise, and in September 1991 became firm
On 28 September 1992, with the collective labor agreement
and in accordance with the Moldovan Law "On Joint Stock
Companies", the enterprise lease became closed joint stock
company with mixed capital of state and privatized. So the
enterprise received the status of SACP “Bucuria".
In 1994, under the laws of the Republic of Moldova, SACP
“Bucuria" changed ownership form - is now an open joint
stock company with private capital form. Structure of
production of JSC “Bucuria" consists of the production
departments, subsidiaries own production volume, special
At present SA «Bucuria» is the greatest enterprise
specialized in the production of confectionery. The
amount of production is of almost 90 percent of the
amount of candy productions in the Republic of
Stock Company “Bucuria" has recorded a higher profit last year
more than 300 thousand lei from that of 2014. According to the
latest annual report of the candy factory, it was the 2015
amount of 15.8 million lei.

That while a year earlier, net profit of the company stock was
15.4 million lei.

“Bucuria" and the spectacular growth in revenues from sales,

which last year amounted to 545.1 million lei, increasing by
about 61 million lei compared to those recorded in 2014.

The main shareholders of JSC “Bucuria" are HAUSE TRADE

Valday with a share of 66.46% and SRL KEY INVEST JV with a
share of 12.67% preferential , and 4400 other shareholders a
share of 20,87 %