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Chapter 24 Study Guide and

1. When did the Aztec civilization peak?
• Aztec civilization peaked b/t 1428 and 1519.
2. Which 2 civilizations came before the Aztecs?
• Toltecs
• Teotihuacans
3. What is proof that the Teotihuacans influenced the Aztecs?
• They made pilgrimages to ancient Teotihuacan ruins.
4. Where was the Aztec’s traditional homeland, and what was it called?
• It was the southwestern United States
• It was called Aztlan
5. How did the Aztecs establish themselves in the Valley of Mexico?
• Aztecs were able to establish themselves by working as mercenaries
for the barbarians controlling the city-states in the valley.
6. How did the Aztecs connect themselves to the Toltecs?
• Aztecs b/g marrying into the Toltec line and claiming Toltec ancestry.
7. How did the Aztecs come into conflict with the Colhuas?
• They had sacrificed the chief’s daughter.
8. Where did the Aztecs finally settle? Why did they settle there?
What was one benefit of settling there?
• On an island in Lake Texcoco
• They saw an omen; an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its
• The island was easy to defend
9. How did the Aztecs establish themselves on Lake Texcoco?
• Aztecs then b/c mercenaries for the Tepanecs & through this alliance
gained land, trade, and wealth.
10. How did the Aztecs defeat the Tepanecs?
• They made an alliance with two other tribes in the area and militarily
defeated the Tepanecs.
11. Which building was located at the center of the plaza in
• The Temple which contained shrines to Huitzilipochtli, and the rain
12. How was the Aztec empire based on tribute?
• Tribute was their most important business and served as a way to
feed and support a growing population.
• Aztecs didn’t colonize, they just conquered cities and demanded
tribute in whatever form a city could pay.
• Tax collectors were stationed around the empire to collect and make
sure they could sustain a growing population.
13. What demands were placed on defeated cities?
• Demands on defeated cities were to pay tribute, accept
Huitzilopochtli as god, and obey Aztec ruler.