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Temperature Control Jacket

As our product name is showing the function of the Jacket, it will save you from cold in winter. Our
product is compatible with standard USB power banks, and allows for continuous heating up to one
hour for every 1500 mAh battery capacity. Battery’s power boasts sensors that automatically adjust the
Internal Factors
Internal factors can strongly affect how well a company meets its objectives, and they might be
seen as strengths if they have a favourable impact on a business, but as weaknesses if they have a
deleterious effect on the business.
1. New in Market
2. Charging through power bank
3. Three modes low, medium and high
4. Lightweight
5. Long term usage
Strengths Weightage Rating Weightage x Rating

New in market .20 3 .60

Charging through power bank .30 4 1.2

Three modes low, medium and high .20 3 .60

Lightweight .15 3 .45

Long term usage .15 3 .45

Total 1.0 3.3

1. Difficult to wash 2,10%
2. Limited use for diabetic and high potential patients
(A person with diabetes may have an insensitivity to heat that
makes it difficult to tell that the jacket is too warm) 2,10%

3. Complex production process 3,30%

4. High initial cost 3,40%
5. High expense on promotion 3,20%
Weakness Weightage Rating Weightage x Rating

Difficult to wash .05 2 .10

Limited use for People with certain medical .10 2 .20

condition (Diabetes and Hypertension)

Complex Production Process .10 3 .30

High Initial Cost .20 3 .60

High expense on Promotion .10 3 .30

Total 1.0 2.6

External Factors
Outside influences that can impact a business. Various external factors can impact the ability of a
business or investment to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. These external factors might
include competition; social, legal and technological changes, and the economic and political
1. We can make strategic alliance with tourist companies. 3,30 %
2. No competitor in Pakistan, there is only one competitor Flex warm
which does not operate in Pakistan 3,15%
3. Because of recent surge in tourism into low temperature Northern
areas of Pakistan can increase the demand of our product 2,15%
4. Recent development like CPEC and GSP plus status for Pakistan
in EU can open doors to international market 4,20%
5. Growing middle class income 3,20%
Opportunities Weightage Rating Weightage x Rating

Strategic Alliance .30 3 .90

No Competition in Pakistan .15 3 .45

Recent surge in Tourism .15 2 .30

Recent Developments like CPEC and GSP .20 4 .80


Growing Middle Class .20 3 .60

Total 1.0 3.05

1. Lack of awareness create many problems for our
product 3,40%
2. Cheap copies especially china can be a potential threat
for our product 4,60%
Threats Weightage Rating Weightage x Rating

Lack of Awareness .10 2 0.2

Cheap Copycats .15 3 0.45

People may be skeptic .15 2 0.3

Total 1 2.65