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ITTSE 2017
IT Talent Search Exam 2017
AICPE : An Introduction
• Foundation of AICPE (All India Council for Professional Excellence) rests on
the mantra that “ALL willing learners can succeed in the professional world,
provided they’re offered the right platform; AND that lack of formal
education is not a permanent disability. We always have an option to start
& make a new life!”
• We are guided by academicians, professionals & visionaries from diverse
• We are into designing career oriented programs for aspiring employees,
entrepreneurs and freelancers.
• Our courses are aimed at helping candidates to become successful in their
chosen occupation and open doors for them to find career in India as well
as offshore careers.
AICPE : Recognition
• Registered under NCS, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India
• Awarded an ISO 9001:2015 certification via Quantas Accreditation Body For
Certifying Bodies (QABCB) is an Independent, International Accreditation
Body (AB). It works to serve the global communities of businesses and
consumers. Our Certificate No. is EC/QMS/0817AN/7024 awarded by Elite
Certifications Pvt. Ltd.
• Awarded an ISO 9001:2008 certification by United Accrediting Services
Limited (UASL), our certificate no. is QMS/02920/1015.
• Member of IMC – Indian Merchants’ Chamber
• An Apex body for Trade, Commerce and Industry
• Member of AIMO – All India Manufacturers’ Organisation
• Recognized by Government as an apex organization of industry
AICPE : NCS, Govt. of India Registered

• AICPE id registered with National Career Service, Ministry of Labour & Employment,
Govt. of India.
• NCS REGISTRATION NUMBER : S11I57-1538308174027
• An Initiative to connect the opportunities with the aspirations of youth.
• Delivered Career counselling content through multiple channels like career centres,
mobile devices, CSCs, etc.
• Capable to Meet the varied demands and requirements of the youth for information on
education, employment and training.
AICPE : ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 9001:2008 Certified
AICPE : IMC Member
• The Indian Merchants’ Chamber, popularly known as The IMC, is a legendary organization which has relentlessly pursued the agenda of
identifying opportunities, addressing critical issues and driving Indian businesses with the single minded focus of sustainable growth.
• IMC’s members and its network have been instrumental in Influencing policy frameworks and changes towards this goal and continually
strengthening sectors that are critical to India’s new phase of flourish.
• IMC seeks out thought leaders and Industry spearheads to identify today’s needs and catalyse the achievement of tomorrow’s vision.
• Set up in 1907, in the wake of the ‘Swadeshi Movement’ to represent Indian businesses.
• IMC is a premier Chamber of trade, commerce and industry in India.
• Headquartered in Mumbai and a strong presence in Delhi,
• Chamber has more than 3000 members, comprising a cross section of the business community.
• It plays an advocacy role on a wide range of matters and acting as an impetus to growth and development of businesses, on policy and
implementation matters.
• It represents the interests of a variety of sectors like banking and financial services, environment, energy, water resources, geographic
indications and protection of interests of artisans, tourism, information technology, education, construction, etc.
• IMC organizes interactive meetings with ministers, senior bureaucrats and others to express and drive home its views. Ladies Wing of IMC
gives special focus to entrepreneurial development for women and IMC’s Young Leaders Forum provides interactive platform to young
entrepreneurs and professionals.
• IMC hosts foreign delegations visiting India and provides a platform for interaction to expand business ties and address issues affecting
growth of business between the visiting country’s environment and India for doing business.
• IMC’s vibrant Economic Research and Training Foundation carries out research in a variety of areas and supports various initiatives of
expert committees.
• IMC’s Court of Arbitration & Mediation facilities resolution of disputes at early stages and also conducts training for arbitrators and
mediators to fill the skill gaps in this area. The IMC archives is a collection of rare books and a storehouse of knowledge that provides
important information and historic chronicles.
• The IMCs convergence of clear thought, sustained action and honest intent is the essence of its very being.
• With its commitment to overall growth and development through a sustained process of bringing new dimensions and policy reforms,
the IMC takes the pledge of driving “Enhancing India's Competitiveness” as the stringing theme across its initiatives in the year 2016 - 17.
• AIMO was founded by Bharat Ratna Sir. M. Visvesvaraya over 62 years ago.
• The organization has established itself as a body committed to Industrial progress with the motto
"Prosperity through Industry".
• It has been recognized by Government as an apex organization of industry and given representation on
most of the policy making bodies of the Central and State Governments.
• Service Tax Regional Advisory Committee
• Members of AIMO are drawn from Small, Medium and Large scale from all over the country with
diverse interests such as engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing and services.
• AIMO has been instrumental in creating an environment for co-operation between Government and
Industry, in promoting and co-coordinating industrial and economic growth, and has worked for
servicing trade and industry and the community.
• Particular stress is made of the significant role of the small industry in national development.
• AIMO has been focusing attention on several areas to avoid sickness in industry.
AICPE : Talent Search Examination
Stepwise Process flow
1. Offer proposal to schools. 8. Prepare Result Format
2. Collect Registrations 9. Make Payment
3. Fix Exam Dates 10. Demand Certificates & Medals
4. Demand Exam Question Paper 11. Distribute Certificates & Medals
5. Conduct Exam at School Level 12. Offer Scholarships
6. Demand Master Answer Sheet 13. Conduct Counseling of Students
7. Evaluate Paper while Certificate distribution
14. Register Admissions
AICPE : Talent Search Examination
1. To search talent among specific
group of students.
2. To recognize them among the
3. To appreciate them and increase
the confidence.
AICPE : Talent Search Examination
Registration & Examination Format
• Group A • Exam Pattern
• Class 4th to 7th • Paper Based Objective Exam
• Group B • Exams at School Location
• Class 8th to 10th • Max. Marks 100
• Each Que. Carry Equal Marks
• Syllabus for both groups • Time 60 Min.
• Computer Fundamentals (10 Que) • Participation Certificate to all.
• Windows & DOS Operating System (10 Que) • Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals for
• MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) (30 Que) each group, each school
• General Internet, Email & Utilities (10 Que) • Total 6 medals in each school
• Questions type • Required minimum 100 registrations
from one school
• Multiple Choice Single Answer
AICPE : Talent Search Examination
Benefits to Students
• Improves confidence
• Gives Recognition
• Provide Exam Atmosphere
• Develop Competitive Skill
• Helps Removing Exam Fear
• Test Subject Knowledge Level
• Exams are at their own school
AICPE : Commercial Purpose
• Computer Institutes are facing Low Business Period.
• During this period, we are looking for an opportunity to click the business.
• Talent Search Exam is the TRY and GO opportunity to generate admissions.
• Talent Search Exam is the way, which helps us in different ways;
• To approach mass students.
• To collect students data for further marketing purpose.
• To build relations with teachers & schools.
• Opportunity to showcase our brand.
• Offer scholarships to generate ready admissions.
• AICPE is going to organise ITTSE 2017 - IT Talent Search Exam 2017
AICPE : Win – Win System Module
• Per Student Participation Charges : Rs. 250
AICPE : School’s Responsibility
• School’s Share : Rs. 50 Per Student
• School’s Responsibility;
• Collect Registrations by informing students about AICPE – IT Talent Search Exam 2017
• Collect Registration Fee @ Rs. 250 per student
• Deposit the money @ Rs. 200 per student directly to AICPE A/c, through Online
Transfer / Net Banking (Deduct School Share Rs. 50 before depositing the amount)
• Finalize the Exam Dates with ATC / Agent
• Demand Exam Papers from ATC / Agent
• Conduct Exams at your school, as per instructions
• Collect Solved papers
• Handover solved papers to ATC / Agent and take a concern
• If any teacher is interested for paper valuation, please contact ATC / Agent.
Valuation cost per paper will be Rs. 10
AICPE : ATC / Agent’s Responsibility
• ATC / Agent’s Share : Rs. 50 Per Student
• ATC / Agent’s Responsibility;
• Approach School and provide proper information to respective authority
• Timely follow-up for registrations and try to increase registrations
• Collect Registration Data and Payment confirmation
• Finalize Exam Dates with schools
• Demand Question Paper from AICPE
• Supply Question Papers to Schools well before time
• Collect Solved Papers and Handover for Valuation
• Collect evaluated answer copies with result sheet and teachers concern
• Send Result Sheet to AICPE and demand for certificates & Gifts
• Award Gifts & Certificates to students
• ATC / Agent’s Share will be issued while issuing the certificates by Cheque / Online
• ATC / Agent have to pay Rs. 5000 towards the Project Kit amount.
AICPE : AICPE’s Responsibility
• AICPE’s Share : Rs. 150 Per Student
• AICPE’s Responsibility;
• Telephonic support to School / ATC / Agent
• Dispatch of Project KIT (Posters, Pamphlets, Sample Certificate)
• Dispatch of Question Papers (Soft Copy / Hard Copy)
• Dispatch of Gift Medals, Certificates
• Dispatch of ATC / Agent’s Cheque / Net Banking Transfer details.
• Personal follow-up
AICPE : Awards
• Participation Certificate
• All Students participating for the exams
• Teachers Excellence Award
• Teachers enrolling 20+ participants
• Valuable Support Award
• Awarded to Principal for schools with 150+
• Certificate to School / Institution
• Awarded to school for its participation in the
Noble Event
• Medals
• Gold Medal – 2 per school (Polished Metal Body)
• Silver Medal – 2 per school (Polished Metal Body)
• Bronze Medal – 2 per school (Polished Metal Body)
AICPE : Sample Certificate
AICPE : Contact Details
• Website
• www.aicpeindia.ac.in
• Email
• info@aicpeindia.ac.in
• Mobile Number’s
• Varsha – 8421956789
• Rukhsar – 8421856789