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Presented by mariya chauhan

 It is a branch of applied microbiology in which

microorganism are use in industrial process.
 It is an area of applied microbiology which deals
with improvement, management, exploitation of
microorganism for the production of various
useful product on a large scale.
 It is concerned with employing microorganism to
produce a desire product with prevention of
microorganism from diminishing the economical
values of various products.
1)Laboratory associated infections

2)Industry associated infections

Microbes used in fermentation products
The overall economics of fermentation process
are influenced by the cost of raw material and
the consumables utilizes, and maintenances
along with fix charges, working capital
charges factory overhead and operating
outlay .
 A wide range of fermented foods and
beverages have been produce throughout
recorded history .
 Fermented dairy products, for ex. Result from
the activity of lactic acid, bacteria in milk
which modify flavor and texture and increase
the long term product stability.
 An aerobic fermentation involve citric acid
production by filamentous fungus.
 Industrial application of enzymes
include the production of cheese, the
clarification of apple juice, the
development of more efficient laundry
detergents, pulp and paper production
and the treatment of sewage.
 Compounds such as acetone, methanol,
butanol and ethanol have multiple
applications in industrial settings often as
raw material for industrial process.
 Microbes will increasing to be used to
supplements or replace those processes
which relay on petroleum, natural gas for the
production of those compounds.
 The production of clean water and the
destruction of waste material are important
for preservating the environment and
providing drinking water.
 The industrial microbiologist is directly
involve in developing microbial strain to
detoxify waste of industrial or agriculture or
human origin.
 microorganisms are particularly important in
waste water treatment which utilizes the
microbial activity of diverse mixed microbial
population capable of degrading any compound
that may be presented to them
 The two main objectives to destroy all pathogenic
microbes present in the sewage.
 The second objective is to break down the
organic matter in waste water to mostly methane
and carbon di oxide thereby producing a final out
flow that can be safely discharged into the
 The industrial microbiologist develops assays
to detect microbial contaminants in food and
develops preservatives or elevates natural or
synthetic agents for the prevention of
disease, deterioration or spoilage and
determines minute quantities of vitamins or
amino acids in food samples.
 A career in industrial microbiology offer a
variety of work assignment. These may
include basic research, process development,
production , technical services, quality
control or technical sales.
 If you are the kind of person who likes
variety in milk responsibilities and enjoys
solving problem and making things work, you
should seriously consider a career In this
Government agencies will employ
microbiologist in research, regulatory
and over sight position. Achedmy will
require educators to prepare the next
generation of industrial microbiologist.

Industry will require scientists who can

discover new products and develops
methods for producing those products in
large quantities .
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