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Health Care for 1.

3 Billion :
An Overview of China’s Health System
Karen Eggleston
Working paper series 2012-28
Stanford University
Walter H. Shorenstein Asia- Pacific Research Center
Asia Health Policy Program


Adopted by: Hafsah Labibah (172010101065) Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Jember 2 .

3% below age So what kind of a 23.7% high school/ turn to when ill.3 billion 49.3% 15 health care system half urban 16.Background China’s population There are 1.3 Billion over age 60 people’s in China.6% do China’s 1. or in need of care? 3 . college injured. 13.

commune LIS. and GIS disbanded 4 .The History of Health System Development in China 1950-mid 1970 After 1978 Centralized Free Market economic economyc system system Rural aglicultural Rural commune (rural aglicultural cooperative).

sector reform kan bing gui” proposal (medical care being difficult to access and Urban Employee- expensive) based Medicine Insurance (UE-BMI) 5 .The History of Health System Development in China 1980-1990 1997 The first health “Kan bing nan.

the CPC how to best Central New rural Committee and Cooperatives reform the health sector.The History of Health System Development in China Early 2003 2006 2009 SARs Outbreak A process of deliberations April. the State Council Medical Scene jointly issued the (NCMS) "Opinions on And Medical NCMS Deepening the Financial program had Health Care Assistance been System Reform." (MFA) expanded 6 .

• Advance pilot public hospital reform 7 .China’s 2009 Healthcare Reform and the 2009-11 Workplan 1. roots level 4. • Expand the basic medical insurance coverage • Establish the national Essential Drug System at all local 2. levels • Upgrade the primary health care services at the grass- 3. • Expand the coverage of basic public health services 5.

Hospital Admission in The Past Year According to Income Group Caption 8 .

Daily average rate of outpatient visits and inpatient bed days per doctor in China 2000-2012 9 .

Conclusion and comment The changing ideology of a centralized economic system into a free market economy system brings a gap to the health insurance system in china. 10 .

essential medicines and public health services. More strategies are needed to expand access and insurance programs so that they can achieve better targets in the next year. 11 .Conclusion and comment But the Chinese government's health care reform plan represents a major initiative towards ensuring universal access to basic health care.

(2011). Stanford University Press. Judith. 12 .1987. 69 (3).China.J.References  Banister. Buildin Institutions for an effective health system: Lessons from China’s experience with rural health reform.  Du. Social Science & Medicine.G. Social Science & Medicine.(2009). Economic reforms and health insurance in China.387.395.s Changing Population.  Bloom.