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It doesn't matter if you graduate from an Ivy
League University with a perfect 4.0--you will
still have a lot to learn when you start your
career. If you have a know-it-all attitude at
your job interview, you will raise a red flag in
your potential employer's mind. You must be
able to accept constructive criticism and
learn how to do your job the way your
employer wants it done if you want to
achieve success.

Being late …
• … does not make you an important or
special person.
• … consistently makes you unreliable.
• … says you clearly do not respect the
other person’s time, only yours.
• … affects your boss’s impression of you
• … consistently implies you are rude and
lack all consideration and respect
• If you are apathetic about your job and don't
care enough to give it your best effort, you
will not climb very high up the corporate
ladder. 17 percent of new hires fail because
their lack of motivation causes them to
perform below their potential. Therefore,
any sign of a lazy attitude at a job interview
will turn off employers.

• A goal is unrealistic if you don’t have the

“consciousness” of the “kinds of people”
who have that level of success.
• You must have the thoughts and the
actions before you can have the results.
• If you get hired by acting like someone
other than yourself, you and your
employer will both be unhappy.

• An aggressive individual seeks to get

their way regardless of others'
feelings. You may get what you want,
but may upset people and hinder
your progress in the long run.
• Can lead to loss of respect from
others and loss of self-respect in the
long term.