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Esli Hernandez Lopez

Hernadez de Jesus Ezequiel

Hernadez Villegas Abimael
Loyola Lopez Roberto
Jacome Parra Mauricio
Tejeda Preciado Wendy Samantha
4° “A”
We use the gerund
As the subject of a sentence
 I avoid going to the dentist

 I avoid chocolate

 I miss England

 I have finished the cake

 I have finished working

We use the gerund
After certain verbs
 you enjoy drinking red wine at every family gathering

 he stops feeling sick when taking pills

 consider walking to school

 like eating salad to lose weight

 consider walking in the morning to be healthy

We use the gerund
After prepositions
 Eating people is wrong.

 Hunting tigers is dangerous.

 Flying makes me nervous.

 Brushing your teeth is important.

 Smoking causes lung cancer

We use the infinitive
After certain verbs
 I hope to see you next week.

 I hope that I'll see you next week.

 He claimed to be an expert.

 He claimed that she was an expert.

 I managed to reach the top of the hill.

We use the infinitive
After adjetives
 It is impossible to open the door

 It is easy to play tennis

 It is possible to do It

 They are angry to help you

 He is strong to move that big stone