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Purpose of Guidance

Manaysay, Vina Rose Y.
•Shade the heart if the statement
shows the purpose of guidance
services if not leave it blank.
• Though many objectives of guidance
services have been proposed, they may all
be included in one over-all purpose —
Aiding the individual to become
increasingly self-directive. Neither
this objective nor the process by which it
is achieved is quite as simple as it might
sound when briefly stated.
•The task of assisting the
individual to develop the
competencies essential to self-
direction cannot always be
carried out directly with the
•Parental tendency to make the
pupil's decisions for him may need
to be overcome before he is free
to gain needed experience in
making plans, choices,
interpretations, or adjustments
for himself.
•The teacher needs to be familiar
with the certain facts concerning
the pupil to plan or act
independently of outside
•Detailed helps are required for
guiding the pupil toward self-
directive behavior.
•He must be informed about
curricular offerings, about ways of
developing more effective study
habits, about job opportunities
and requirements etc.
• These however, are not the purpose of
the guidance program. They are in the
nature of services designed to enable
him to achieve goal of guidance services,
eg.. Development of the skills needed in
making for himself the choices, plans,
interpretations and necessary
adjustments to function effectively as in
independent person.
• The counselor usually expects that in
assisting individuals, he will be called
upon to perform one service longer than
others: that of assisting with
interpretations. This circumstance stems
from the normal developmental process
of human growth, the achievement of
mature judgment.
•Pupils find the task of interpreting
such a phenomenon as the world of
work a difficult one. Choosing an
occupational area is difficult for
many relatively mature college
•They turn to someone who is familiar
with occupational opportunities and
requirements for information and for
interpretation of the facts which
bear upon occupational choice and
• It should be expected that gradually
pupils will develop the skills required in
making increasingly difficult
interpretations and thus achieve the
major objective for which guidance
services are provided — the ability to
exercise self-direction.
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