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Bite size Insurance

Just Ideas

1 | Digit General Insurance

Delay in Delivery of Food Order
For Aggregators like Swiggy, Foodpanda, Zomato
Issues Customers are Currently Facing |Delay in Online delivery

3 | Digit General Insurance

Summary of Overall Product Gaps Compensation

1 Inconvenience to Customers 2 When Quality Deteriorates

Working Professional: Customer would be charged
A Birthday/Anniversary
Delay in food delivery
perishable gift gets delayed
5% Premium of the Total
during his/her office
which leads to bad quality Order:
lunch hour

Standard Delay in Delivery of Food Insurance

Delay in Delivery of Product offers covers –

Flat 20% of Order value

1. Extra time taken by Restaurant/Cafe

2. Traffic found by the delivery executive

3. Delivery executive not assigned on time 4 | Digit General Insurance

Pre Medical Expenses for Tonsillitis
A bite type Medical Insurance
The out of pocket Insurance schemes or
expenditure on healthcare policies can be utilized in
in India is about 62% India only when the
(World Bank). patient spends 24 hours
-The Hindu(Dec 2017) on a hospital bed.

Economically vulnerable Only tertiary healthcare
spend more on OPD as a needs are covered. Pre
proportion of per capita and post-hospitalisation
consumption expenditure needs are not covered.
Why Tonsillitis? Compensation

Tonsillitis is common between:

Most health insurance policies
do not cover Tonsillitis, with a Children aged between 3-11 yrs
majority of policyholders
unaware as to what their policy After Puberty, 70-90% of People Customer would be charged
covers. have Tonsillitis Rs 100 Premium valid for an

Pre-Medical Expenses covered for Tonsillitis

Delay in Delivery of Product offers covers –

Compensation: All the billed
1. All medical tests for identifying Tonsillitis

2. Medicines prescribed by doctor

7 | Digit General Insurance

Insurance For Injuries Due To Running, Cycling,
Gyming & More
A bite type Medical Insurance
Why is it needed?

While most people workout A study published in 2016

for years without incident, states that there is a rate
there are thousands who of 3.1 injuries for every
sustain serious injuries while 1,000 hours spent doing
using fitness and gym CrossFit training..
Every day, there are more than
10,000 people treated in
emergency rooms across the
country for injuries stemming
from sports, recreation, and

Fitness and gym Most allege their injuries

were caused by the
equipment is
negligence of the
responsible for almost
manufacturer, retailers, or
9000 injuries each year
the fitness clubs.
Standard Fitness Insurance Compensation

This policy
Most health covers
insurance –
do not cover Tonsillitis, with a
1. of policyholders
OPD hospital charges upto Rs. 5000
unaware as to what their policy
2. Inpatient hospitalisation charges up to Rs 95,000 Customer would be charged
3. Ambulance charges upto Rs. 2000 Rs 400 Premium valid for an
4. Accidental death or disablement upto Rs. 1,00,000 year
5. Treatment for broken bones upto Rs. 20,00
6. 80% of the cost of a wheelchair or crutches up to Rs. 10,000

Compensation: All the billed


10 | Digit General Insurance