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The Function of Language

Anilia Nur Laili T. U (

Tri Rizki Maulina (
M. Afhamul Ulum (
Nila Rahmawati (
Definition of language function

Language function is processed

socially when individuals make use of
their tongue for interaction.
A. Micro Function
1. Physiological function
2. Phatic function
3. Recording function
4. Identifying function
5. Reasoning function
6. Pleasure functions
7. Communicating function
B. Macro Function
1. Ideational function
2. Interpersonal function
3. Poetic function
4. Textual function
Example of Micro Function
1) Physiological function.
“OMG, that’s cool!”
2) Phatic function.
“Dear Sir/Madam” and ending “Yours faithfully”
3) Recording function.
“A shopping list” or “a list of things to do”, or a long-term
record, as in “a diary” or “history of some kind”.
4) Identifying function.
A car => an automobile, a lorry, a van or a truck.
5) Reasoning function.
Black” may be associated with evil and death, and “white”
with purity and goodness.
6) Communicating Function
Example: Requesting, apologizing, informing
I am so sorry
Could you help me?
7) Pleasure Function
Example: First Snow
Snow makes whiteness where it falls
The bushes look like popcorn balls.
And places where I always play,
Look like somewhere else today.
By Marie Louise Allen
Example of Macro Function
1. Ideational Function
Example: when we watch small children interacting with the
objects around them, we can see that they are
using language to construe a theoretical model of
their experience.
2. Interpersonal Function
Example: use language to interact with others, to establish
and maintain relations with them.
3. Poetic Function
Example: Joke, play words or meaning, poetry
What is poetry? Who knows?
Not a rose, but the scent of a rose;
Not the sky, but the light in the sky;
Not the fly, but the gleam of the fly;
Not the sea, but the sound of the sea;
Not myself, but what makes me
See, hear, and feel something that prose
Cannot: and what it is, who knows?
4. Textual Function
Example: Making a literary works such as recount text, report
text, descriptive text etc.