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Based Assessment
education poses a challenge
for teachers to design
instruction that is task-
Performance-based tasks
require performance-based
assessments in which the
actual student-performance
is assessed through a
product, such as completed
project or work that
demonstrates levels of task
Product-Oriented Performance
Based Assessment
A kind of assessment
wherein the teacher views
and scores the final
product made and not on
the actual process of
making that product.
Product-Oriented Learning
Products can include a
wide range of student
works that target specific
Communication skills
Psychomotor Skills
Using rubrics can help
evaluate students
performance or
proficiency in any given
task as it relates to a final
product or learning
The learning competencies
associated with products
or outputs are linked with
an assessment of the level
of expertise manifested by
the product.
Level 1 (Beginner): Does
the finished product or
the project illustrates the
minimum expected parts
or function?
Level 2 (Skilled): Does the
finished product or project
contain additional parts
and functions on top of
the minimum
requirements which tend
to enhance the final
Level 3 (Expert): Does the
finished product or project
contain the basic minimum
parts and functions, have
additional features on top
of the minimum, and is
aesthetically pleasing?
Example: The desired
product is a
representation of a cubic
prism made out of
cardboard in an
elementary geometry
Learning Competencies:
The final product submitted
by the students must:
1. Possess the correct
dimensions (5” x 5” x
5”) (minimum
2. Be sturdy, made of
durable cardboard and
properly fasted
together. (Skilled
3. Be pleasing to the
observer, preferably
properly colored for
aesthetic purposes.
(expert level)
Performance-based assessment
for products and projects can
also be used for assessing
outputs of SHORT-TERM
Example: The desired
output consists of the
output in a typing class.
Learning Competencies:
The final typing outputs of
the students must:
1. Possess no more than
five (5) errors in
spelling. (minimum
2. Possess no more than 5
errors in spelling while
observing proper
format based on the
document to be
typewritten. (skilled
3. Possess no more than 5
errors in spelling, has the
proper format, and is
readable and presentable.
(expert level)
 Product-oriented
performance based learning
are evidence-based.