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Research work

Motorcycling sport.

Name : -Yarella Perez P.

COURSE : 5 ° B
History of Motorcycling.
• The first races. (1894 – 1906)
• The first circuit race, the circuit of the Ardennes and the International Cup.
• Birth of the first Tourist Trophy in 1907.
• The resurgence of competitions after the First World War. (1919)
• The first GP of the UMF and Belgium
• The first Grand Prix of Switzerland, the United Nations and Ulster (1922 – 1923)
• The FICM creates the FICM European Grand Prix (1924), where each year, it Will designate a country
of its home Grand Prize for the most important evento of the season. The winners in the different
categories of this test Will be designated European champion in the year.
• The post-war for the World Championships (1945 – 1948)
• 1949 Creation of the Motorcycling World Championships of Speed (F.I.M)
• Among other international speed Motorcycling races, the most traditional race is highlighted, since it
takes place in Great Britain, on the Isle of Man, since 1907. This race takes place every year on a
touring circuit, being known as the TT Island of Man. In this race, drivers such as Joey Dunlop, Steve
Hislop, David Jefferies, Giacomo Agostine and John McGuiness among others have excelled.
Definition of Motorcycling.
Motorcycling is the sporting use of the motorcycle . Generally , the objective of
a race is to travel a certain distance, or go from one place to another in the
shortest possible time. There are also endurance races and other types of
competitions consist of passing a series of odstaculos in a given time is
equivalent al automovilismo.
Motorcyling basic rules.
 Ruler number 1:Stay on top of the bike, this although it seems obvious, carries
with it a meaning of a combination of skill, expertise, experience, caution, prision,
control, personal and many more.
 ability to observe and anticipate, discipline, personality, character, interest in learning,
body memory, ability, expertise, experience, caution, prudence, personal control, and
many more

 Ruler number 2: Give you leeway.

 consider yourself invisible and this will make you anticipate that any strange events
can happen.
 Ruler number 3: Use the right equipment.
THE PILOTS ( special clothes).






Food and motorcycling.

 The energy expenditure of these athletes is considerable, due to their

physical activity and the low ambient temperaturas.
 The diet for motorcycling should take into account that there are no
prolonged fasts and that the protein load is sufficient to tone the muscles,
repair muscle fibers, act as a substrate in the production of enzymes and
hormones and improve coordination and concentration. The main meal 2-
3 hours before training or competition and snacks one hour before, to
ensure adequate blood glucose and insulin.
 Oats  Saladas (lettuce, avocado,
 Integral rice
 Fruits (apple, Orange, banana, etc.)
 Quinoa
 Yogurth
 Wheat pasta
 Milk
 Meat
 Cereal bars.
 Fish
 Vegetables
 Nuts
 Cheese
 Ham
 Chicken
 Tuna
 Egg
The 5 best moto GP riders in
1 st Valentino Rossi.( Italian nationality) , World championships
9 ( 1/125, 1/250cc y 7/500-MotoGP).
• Unique and unrepeatable. It will be very diffcult to find a driver who is able to
match what “ ll Dottore “ has achieved, not only in the leves of results, but in terms
of carisma and all the money that moves around his figure. Pilot, coach of Young
talents and businessman, he just neds to be a father, an authentic living legend of
motorcycling and which we will enjoy for another year.
2nd Giacomo Agostini ( Italian nationality ), World championships 15 (
7/3) ).

• The best in history if we take a look at the statistics “Ago “ was real
headache for all the rivals who had to face it . His 15 world titles seem
imposible to achieve in the current era, since in his time you could run in
more tan one category. He still holds the record fot victories in the entire
World Cup, wint 123 Will Rossi get him hunting.
3rd Angel Nieto .( spanish nationality ) World
championships 12+1 ( 6/50cc. Y 7/125cc. )

• The historic podium is completed by our best representative. Both Jorge

Lorenzo and Zamorano achieved at a difficult time for motorcycling in Spain,
wint Little impact in our country and in really complicated historical juncture.
He marked the way and recorded in the minds of, all fans his mythical 12+1.
4th Mike Haiwood. ( Britain nationality), World championships
9 (3/250cc y 4/500cc ).
• A true Wolf of the races, whose numbers reflect the weight he had and has in
this sport. 76 victories, 112 pódiums and 9 world championships to his credit, of
which 4 won then in the premier category and defeated historical rivals at that
time such as John sutees or Gary Hocking. A lover of. Speed who also has the
honor of having climbed to a pódium of formula 1.
5th Mick Doohan (Australian nationality ) World championships 5
• The king of motorcycling in the 90 s ,able to get 5 consecutive titles in 500cc. In
total doohan accumulated 54 victories during his world cup career , which plaaces
him as the sixth most successful in history . A pilot who managed to retire the old
guard of the late 80 s with illustrius names such as kevin schwantz or wayner
gardner and alos contain the new genertions led bi our alex criville.