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Introducing one’s self

In daily communication, we often verbal
and non-verbal language to communication.
Whether in communication with our friends, or
even with foreign person we often use them.
but sometime, we as speaker, often shy to
start to make conversation, especially to foreign
person by using English in some reasons.
here I would like to share how to speak
easily by using simplest way.
Everyone who get stuff or speech less in
communication, they are often afraid about the
mistaken. That is grammar.

So just skip it and speak it.

Be brave &
Be Confidence

by : arief
Part of conversation

• Hi, hello, aslkm

greetings • Good morning, good day
• how are you? How do you do?

Point • Here you show or tell your purpose in


Closing • Glad to meet you, see you, nice to meet you

• Bye bye, good bye. Have a nice day. Wass.
Small talk
• How are you
• How do you do

A : how are you, today?

B: i’m fine, and you?
A : i’m fine too, thanks
(Thank you vs thanks)

A : how do you do ?
B: how do you do
• By the way
• Anyway
• Actually
A : Hi, good morning
B : good morning.
A : How are you today?
B : i’m fine. How about you?
A : i’m fine too thanks. by the way I’m Jhon, and
B : I’m Billy.
A : nice to meet you
B : nice to meet you too
Next step : use 5w+1H
• Let we use what and where first.

A : morning.
B : morning.
A : how are you
B : fine, and you?
A : fine thanks. anyway, I’m Rio
B : I’m Jhon
A : what do you do?
B : I’m bank teller
A : sounds great. Where is it?
B : in Sumsel Bank. And you?
A : I’m civil servant in DISNAKERTRANS. Glad to meet you.
B : great. Glad to meet you too.
• What do you do?
• What are you?

• oh, i see
• Nice
• Good
• Emh
• Ok
• Yes
• Oh no.
• Exellent
Introducing someone’s self
A : Hi. You must be Andre
B : yes, I’m. and you are “Rico”!!!
A : that’s true. Longtime no see you
B : yes. I think so.
Anyway, Is she your girl?
A : yes, she is. She is Cinta. Cinta this is Andre.
Andre, this is Cinta.
C : Hi, nice to meet you
B : nice to meet you too.
C : I’m cinta
B : What do you do, miss?
C : I’m a consultant
B : Where is it?
C : in PT. SAS. how about you?
B : I’m a manager in ENCAR Daihatsu
C : oh I see
A : sorry, honey we have to go now.
B : ok, see you next time
C : see you
• Must vs must be
must : harus
must be : pastinya
• Must vs have to / has to
must : 100%
have to : 50 : 50 % as optional