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Underline the verb that agrees to the


1. Each of the girls (look, looks) good on

2. Everybody (was, were) asked to remain
3. Neither of the men (is, are) here yet.
4. Several of the sheeps (is, are) sick.
5. All of the milk (is, are) gone.

Source: English 7 Test Item Bank, p. 14

 What are the Singular Indefinite

 The Plural Indefinite pronouns?

 Singular or plural indefinite pronouns?

React on the following Filipino
Identify the genre
of a material viewed
Genres are various
forms or identifiable types,
categories, classifications or
groups of films. (Genre
comes from the French
word meaning "kind,"
"category," or "type").
Romance are romantic love
stories that focus on passion,
emotion, and the affectionate
romantic involvement of the main
characters and the journey that their
genuinely strong, true and pure
romantic love takes them through
dating, courtship or marriage
Comedy is a genre of film in
which the main emphasis is on
humor. These films are designed
to make the audience laugh
through amusement and most
often work by exaggerating
characteristics for humorous
Fantasy belongs to the
fantasy genre with fantastic
themes, usually magic,
supernatural events,
mythology, folklore, or
exotic fantasy worlds.
Horror is a film that
seeks to elicit a
physiological reaction, such
as an elevated heartbeat,
through the use of fear and
shocking one’s audiences
War is concerned with
warfare, typically about
naval, air, or land battles,
with combat scenes central
to the drama.
Musical / Dance are cinematic
forms that emphasize full-scale
scores or song and dance routines in
a significant way (usually with a
musical or dance performance
integrated as part of the film
narrative), or they are films that are
centered on combinations of music,
dance, song or choreography
“Give the Genre”:
Identify the genre of
the following Movie
1. You will be grouped into three
2. Do the varied tasks:
Group 1: Actors/Actresses – Role play a simple Fantastic scene.
Group 2: Visual Artists- Draw a scary scenario.
Group 3: Singers- Sing any love songs.
3. Follow the rubrics for the presentations.
Table 1. Rubrics in the presentation of outputs.
Table 1. Rubrics in the presentation
of outputs.
RUBRICS 5 4 3 2 1
Cooperati All 1 student is 2 students 3 students 4 or more
on students not are not are not students
cooperate cooperating cooperating cooperating are not
d cooperati
Accuracy All Has 1 wrong Has 2 wrong Has 3 or Has no
answers answer answers more wrong answer
are answers
Real Life Situation
Based on our activities a while
ago, how can you identify the
genres of the movie clips
Why is it important to be an
analytical person?
Complete the open-ended
I learned that…
I realized that…
Identify the Genre of the following
Filipino Movie Clips:
1. Corazon Ang Unang Aswang
2. Barcelona – A Love Untold
3. Ang Larawan
4. Ang Cute Ng Ina Mo
5. Mistah
6. Encantadia

Give an example of a movie

having the following genres:
Romance, Horror, Comedy,
War and Fantasy.