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Centerstone Military Services

and Brandman University

December 10, 2015


Brandman Overview
Brandman’s Social Work Program
Brandman’s Office of Accessible Education
and Counseling Services
Brandman’s Career Planning and
How and Why Partner?
Centerstone Military Services
Open Discussion
Next Steps

Jennifer Carr – Director of Programs, Centerstone Military Services

Kent Crossley – Executive Director, Centerstone Military Services
Kimberly Gray McDaniel - Chief Operating Officer & Chief Clinical
Officer, Advantage Behavioral Health

Dr. Catherine Pearlman - Assistant Professor, School of Arts and

Katy Curameng – Director of Career Planning and Development
Dr. Loren O’Connor – Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of Accessible
Education and Counseling Services
Nick Lacy – Director of Competency Based Education and National
Dr. Shelly Neal – Vice Chancellor of Strategic Development
Brandman University Overview

Non-profit, WASC accredited private university

for working adults

High-quality, affordable educational opportunities

for adult students since 1958. Part of the
Chapman University System with a 150-year rich

26 campuses across CA, WA, and online

Over 50 undergraduate, graduate and certificate


Recognized by U.S. News and World Report

Why Brandman?

• Instructors are practitioners in their field

Relevance • Current technology and real world application

• 8 week sessions, 6 times a year

Flexibility • Offered as blended or fully online

• Accredited by WASC and NCATE

Credibility • Recognized by U.S. News and World Report

• Enrollment Coaches, Academic Advisors, One

Support Stop Specialists

• Nearly 70% graduation rate

Dedication • Student loan default rate
Brandman’s Social Work
Program Overview
In 3rd year accreditation and

3 full-time faculty with 20 active


7 campuses (six physical and one

online). A student may take any
course at any of those seven

Adjuncts have Masters degree or

PhD in social work and practice

Graduating with BSW and eligible for

advanced degree placement
Who Are Our Students?

2014: 110 students enrolled (56 in the field)

2015: 256 students enrolled

Students all over the U.S. and world

25 - 30% current, retired, or family of military (some

served 20+ years)

Adults (24+)

Experienced using technology to communicate and learn

Why are Brandman Social Work Students Special?

Experienced in life, raising families, caring for elderly

Many are already working in the field, but in an
ancillary role
 Radiologist Technician
 Intake worker in the Emergency Room
 Hospice aide

Students prepared for generalist practice in the 21st


Incorporates the values of inclusion, diversity,

flexibility, and technological innovation

Internships: 400 hours in 24 weeks

16 hours/week
Internship runs concurrently with Practicum
 Faculty check in at least 1x session with student
and field supervisor
 Students use discussion boards and assignments
to process work in the field
Internship is generally the last three 8-week
sessions before graduation

Internship Placement Process

Students complete 27 credits of required Social Work courses

before placement
Students schedule a field readiness interview with the Director of
Field Education to discuss placement in location of student
The Director of Field contacts agencies and arranges for the field
placement, based on input from the student and location
Brandman and the approved organization will sign a Memorandum
of Understanding (MOU)
Students are required to obtain individual professional liability and
health insurance
Clinical Contract Coordinator manages distribution of contracts,
field documents and procedural requirements for field practicum
process and tracks student hours.
Student weekly practicum hour logs, Field Learning Plan, and Field
Evaluation form are located in IPT
Students supervised by MSW or equivalent
Some Sample Internships

Internships across the country

Behavioral Treatment Facilities
Rape Crises Counseling
Domestic Violence Shelters
Youth Runaway Facilities
Drug Treatment
Therapeutic Specialty Court
Child Protective Services
Nursing Homes
Community Centers
A Collaboration with the Social
Work Program

Placing interns at sites

Hire graduates

Collaborating on financing of 1 year

of MSW program with a guarantee
of # of years give back work for

Students uniquely familiar with

online format of connecting,
learning, technology, very ready for
potential work counseling online
Office of Accessible Education and
Counseling Services

Our Mission
The Office of Accessible Education and
Counseling Services at Brandman
University is committed to ensuring
equal educational access and
opportunity for all members of our
academic community. The office
strives to maximize each student’s
educational potential by helping to
develop self-advocacy, responsibility,
and independence, and to promote
personal growth.
Available Accommodations

Extended time on exams.
Alternative, distraction-reduced testing
Depending on a flare-up of a disability,
alternate test days may be required.
Excused absences due to disability.
Permission to record lectures.
Provide copied materials (i.e. outlines,
study guides).
An extension of up to five days in order
to complete assignments/projects due
to a disability flare-up.
Challenges of University Students
Attending Higher Education

Learning Disability
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Chronic Health Condition
Psychological Disabilities/PTSD
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Visual Loss
Hearing Loss
Mobility Disabilities
Speech and Language Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Multiple Disabilities

Breakdown of Students Registered with the

Chronic Health Disabilities
21% 7%
Disorder Learning
16% Disability

Autism Spectrum
Speech Language
3% Blind Traumatic Brain
3% Deaf Injury
1% Hard of Hearing
Visual Loss 3% 5%
Attention Deficit
3% Disorder
Student Statements
Career Planning and Development