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Market Opportunity

Market Prospects
Development potential in Malaysian

Expected Reduction of the supply of

cement from major cement
exporters like Japan and Taiwan.

Up coming mega infrastructure

Development Potential in Malaysian

Peninsular Malaysia Malaysian Borneo

23 million Inhabitants 7.5 million Inhabitants
40 % of total land area 60 % of total land area
More developed Region Less developed Region
9 Out of 10 cement plants 1 out of 10 cement plants

The Uneven cement plant distribution

Up Coming Mega Infrastructure
1. MRT Line 2

2. Damansara-Shah Alam Elevated Expressway

3. Duta-Ulu Klang Expressway

Expected Reduction of the Supply of Cement
from Major Cement Exporters


Current Product Usage Habit
 Fourth largest consumer amongst the southeast Asian countries
 Total Consumption- 17 million tons(FY 17)
 Total Production 20 million tons (FY 17)

Type of cement Purpose

1.Ordinary Portland cement General construction

2.Low heat cement Massive construction

3.Rapid hardening cement Quick removal of form work

Competitive Products on the Market
in Malaysia
Market Share

14% Lafarge
YTL Gruop
A list of Players in Cement Industry in
 Lafarge Malayan Cement
 YTL Cement
 Tasek Corp
 CIMA(Cement Industries of Malaysia Berhad)
 Holcim Malaysia
 CMS cement
Major Ad. Media Used in Malaysia
 Newspaper and TV still dominate the market with ad
expenditure of 65% of total expenditure.

 Internet advertising is rapidly increasing since 2014

 Outdoor advertising such as billboard, Metro-rail TV
network, Floor graphics, Vehicle ads are also popular
forms of media in Malaysia.
Total Size of the Cement Market and
Market Potential
Key insights :
 In 2016 total cement production in Malaysia reached 20
million metric tons.
 Malaysian government has decided to invest a huge portion
of amount in developing infrastructure under 10TH Malaysia
 By the end of 2013 Total installed capacity in Malaysia is
expected to increase by 25%
 Ratio of imports of total consumption rose to 20% in FY12.
Target Market and Demographic for
Cement in Malaysia
Reasons for targeting Malaysian

1. Uneven cement plant distribution

2. Tremendous development
potentials in coming years

Malaysian 3. Highly Competitive market in

Peninsular Malaysia
Desh Cement is going to target

The affluent
Various public middle-class
and private and upper
construction middle class
companies consumers

Business customers