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O Competitive Strategy: ³To use superior guest service to

differentiate the Hotel Paris properties, and to thereby
increase the length and stay and return rate of guests,
and thus boost revenues and profitability´
O HR Manager ± Liza Cruz
O Formulate functional policies and activities that support
this competitive strategy, by eliciting the required
employee behaviors and competencies
O This would lead to new Union related practices.
O About 5% of the hotel chain¶s U.S. employees were
already unionized, and unions in this area were quite
O Union structure
O 30% or more of the eligible workers in unions were in the bottom
10% in terms of performance
O 8% to 9% of eligible workers in unions scored in the top 10%.

O Problem:
O Hotel Paris did not have any specific policies and procedures for
its managers and supervisors to deal with union activities
O With all the laws regarding what employers and their managers
could and could not do to respond to a union¶s efforts

O Hotel Paris need to formulate new set of policies and

practices that would enable to reduce the further
unionization and deal more effectively with their
current unions.
O They set about that task with the aid of a labor-
management attorney.


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