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Wes Cooper

ITEC 7445
July 7, 2017
Emerging Technology
USA TestPrep is a web-based online provider of
resources to prepare students for EOC test, Benchmarks
and other high stake exams.
USA TestPrep is standard-aligned curriculum resource to
help prepare students for high stakes test.
USA TestPrep is customized remediation tool for st risk
students of failing high stakes test.
USA TestPrep’s vision it to allow students in the class to
work with self-directed activities while other students
can receive individual attention from the teacher.
 The vision of Dacula High School is transform learning
through the use Technology.
 USA TestPrep supports the vision of technology use in our
school because it provides self-directed learning activities
for students that are standards based.
 Teachers can provide individual learning activities for
students based on their needs, such as remediation activities
for struggling students and extension activities for
accelerated students.
 Daucla High School is a very diverse school with about 2000
studetns: 45.6% of students qualify for free and reduced
 As Dacula looks to continue to transform learning in the
classroom through the use of technology, there is need to
bridge the gap between content knowledge that comes from
the diversity of our school.
 USA TestPrep is emerging technology that can help teachers
bridge that gap while allowing students to monitor their own
 Increase individual test scores on the state milestone and
district assessments.
 Obtain individual data to guage the performance of each
student based on the state standards.
 Allow teachers to identify areas where remediation is
needed and give them power to provide individual
remediation activities.

 Allow administrators access to track the performance of
students, classrooms, and the school.
 Provide practice for students with standard-aligned
 Allow the easy creation of benchmark testing with
standard=based questions.

 USA TestPrep was created for teachers by teachers with
students needs in mind.
 Multiple students can work on standard-based instruction at
their own pace.
 Teachers can provide remediation, extension and
differentiated activities in a timely manner.
 Teachers can provide students with helpful videos over
content, writing activities, and practice activities using other
various tools.

 USA TestPrep would target classrooms where the state EOC
courses are given to students.
 Classes would include: 9th Grade Language Arts, 11th Grade
Language Arts Arts. Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II, Biology,
US History and Economics.
 Teachers would have 18 Chromebooks per classroom. This
would allow half of the students in each class to work on USA

 There are eleven computer labs available if teachers need
all students to be able to access USA TestPrep at once.
 There are four wireless computer carts that can be checked
out by teachers and used in the classroom if each student
needs access to a device for USA TestPrep.
 Teachers have county provided laptops to create lessons and
monitor progress on USA TestPrep.

 USA Testprep is a web-based resource that will require
wireless access in each classroom.
 Wifi access for students to bring their own device.
 18 Google Chromebooks per classroom.
 Headphones would be necessary for students who are
watching instructional videos.

 USA TestPrep has a consistent layout to make it easy to find
subject categories, assignments, tests, report cards, games,
and messages.
 USA TestPrep accelerates the learning path for teachers and
administrators to master the system. We offer monthly topic-
specific meetings as well as one complimentary personal
orientation webinar for all new accounts.
 On-demand video support is always available for teachers
and students.

 USA TestPrep requires each students to login and create an
 Students must select the teacher that they have for their
progress and performance to be reported to the teacher.

 USA Testprep for Georgia EOC courses cost $250 per year
for each individual prep, $475 for a 2 year subscription or
$675 for a 3 year subscription.
 It would cost Dacula High School $2000 dollors to provide
each class that has a Georgia EOC with a 1 year subscription
to USA TestPrep.
 Since Dacula already has 18 Google Chromebooks per
classroom, there would not be a need to purchase tablets for
the classroom

 Headphones could be provided for each classroom that has
a state EOCT for $108.00.
 The cost of purchasing USA Testprep could come from each
departments annual budget, as the purchase of USA TestPrep
would reduce the cost of other resources such as printer
paper, scantrons, and text resources.

 Gwinnett County School board provides a technology grant
each year for schools that apply for it.
 Each department can propose a request to the Dacula PTA
for the purchase of USA TestPrep.
 Teachers could reach out to local donors in the community
for donations.

 Teachers would use the standard-based tool to enrich their
 Teachers can create benchmarks to check for understanding
of the standards.
 Teachers would use the data they receive from benchmarks
to remediate for students who need remediation and provide
for extension activities for students who have shown mastery
of the standards.

 Teachers can differentiate activities by providing practice
that tailors to each individual students needs.
 Teachers will be able to create engaged learning lessons
that they can share with other teachers in their course team.
 Teachers can create their unit test and administer them
online, which will replicate the state end of course test.

 Teachers can create activities for the class, or individual
activities for certain students who need additional help.
 Teachers can create lessons that focus on specific learning
goals that are being covered in the curriculum at any given
 Teachers can provide specific practice to students with IEP’s
to help them meet their individual learning goals.

 Teachers can assign remediation based on students
individual needs.
 Students can work at their own pace.
 The level of rigor can be provided by teachers based on the
individuals students needs.
 Students can work on the activities at their own pace and
access it from anywhere that they have wifi.
 Teachers can provide individualized lesson for our Spanish
speaking ESL students with USA TestPrep offering text in
 Teachers can the data collected on USA TestPrep to
communicate individual students needs.
 Teachers can provide online discussion questions that are
based on the state standards through USA TestPrep.
 Parents can have students access USA TestPrep from home to
work on additional practice.

 After conducting research of the effectivnes of USA TestPrep,
the following was found:
 From 2010-2011 a study was done to determine the
effectiveness of USA TestPrep for improving student learning
in language arts and mathematics. Students were divided into
two sample groups. One group used USA TestPrep as a
learning tool while the other group did not. The group that
used USA TestPrep showed substantially great growth in both
reading and mathematics that students who did not use USA

 Results in Reading:
 Students using USATestprep showed statistically a year's worth
in gains for Reading Comprehension.

 Results in Mathematics:
 Students using USATestprep showed nearly a half a year's more
growth in Mathematics than their Control Group peers.

 "Our students made the highest on the EOC in our district
with 95%, we used USATestPrep every day!"
S. Theiss, Texas
 "I had a 100% EOCT pass rate when I used USATestPrep for
the Biology EOCT for the state of Georgia."
R. Venukadasula, Georgia
 My students have improved 20% from first using
USATestPrep to now."
J. Harris, Oklahoma
 For implementation of USA TestPrep, I would recommend that
each department select one course to pilot the use of USA
TestPrep for the first year.
 Each course team that piloted the program in the first year
would document results throughout the year and record the
way in which they used USA TestPrep in the classroom.
 At the end of the year teachers would compare the data of
the state end or course test as well as other district
assessments to the previous years data.
 After comparing the data and reviewing the results, the
school should determine a plan to add the use of USA
TestPrep into the other EOC courses within the school.
 If improvements continue to be made throughout the EOC
courses, then the school should move to add USA TestPrep to
all other core classes within the school.
 As I was looking for away to raise my overall EOC scores in
US History, while not teaching to the test per say, I began to
look at USA TestPrep.
 I felt that it would be a beneficial in which would allow me to
easily check students for mastery of standards, provide
remediation for those that needed it and even provide
extension for my students who need to be pushed further.
 I intend to use USA TestPrep in my US History classes to see
if it supports the learning of my students.
 From this exercise I have learned that USA TestPrep can be
an outstanding source of technology for anyone’s classroom.
USA TestPrep is available for k-12 classrooms. There are
unlimited resources that teachers can use to motivate their
learners and supplement their needs. I have also learned
that USA TestPrep is a wonderful tool for providing suthentic
learning opportunities for my students.
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