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Power BI for SMEs

and Me
SMEs can use Power BI too!
I’m Jeff !
Analytics Lead,
Paula’s Choice Singapore
• Machine Learning, Dashboard Visualizations
of web browsing, sales and chat data

• Freelance Power BI and Excel consultant

• Aspiring violinist
Common Excel obstacles
 Too many VLOOKUPs!

 Managing multiple data sources

 Keeping ALL of your files updated

 Hours of crunching for simple “what-if” questions

Common SME obstacles
 Version control:
 “country_report_v3_final_final_final.xlsx”

 Unstructured data
 Blank/dummy rows to visually “separate” categories

 Monthly data by column (a Pivot Table nightmare)

 Manual edits breaking your Excel files

How we use Power BI
How you can use Power BI
 Query Editor
 Table Relationships
 Parameters & Slicers
Let’s talk DAX!
Jeff Lim Zi Wang