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1.) It is a push or pull.

2-4.) Motion can be described in terms of?

5.) What is the value of the acceleration due to
6.) Force that holds the object toward the center of the
7.) It is considered as fast or slow.
8.) Formula for getting the distance?
9.) Formula for getting the speed?
What is the weight of an
object if it has a mass of 56kg?
the study of the development begins a birth

Find the speed of an object if

the distance it travelled is 32km
and it took 7hrs.
A motorbike cruises down a
straight northbound highway at
a constant velocity of 20m/s for
60s. What is the displacement
of the motorbike?
Sisa rides a bicycle at 2.5m/s
south. Ten seconds later, she is
pedaling at 6.0m/s. What is
Sisa's acceleration?