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Iron Age Civilization

Iron Age Civilization

In archaeology, the Iron Age is the

prehistoric period in any area during which
cutting tools and weapon were mainly
made of iron or steel.
Iron Age Civilization

By the end of the 2nd millennium BC,

iron metallurgy was developed.

About 1000 BC an Iron Age Civilization

arose in Greece.
Iron Age Civilization

The production of iron called for a

technology fundamentally different from
the of either copper or bronze.
Iron Age Civilization

Higher furnace temperatures were required,

and the iron emerged in the furnace as a
red-hot, pasty ball to be worked by
Iron Age Civilization

Bronze and Iron found their widest use in

paraphernalia of war.
Iron Age Civilization

Greeks building technology provided the

technical basis for a notable architecture.

Greeks builders, using stone as their

material, confined themselves to the post-
and-lintel structural mode.
Iron Age Civilization

Greek builders embedded wrought-iron

bars in grooves formed on the beams to
keep the tension in the stone within an
acceptable range.
Iron age

By: Rosemie T. Serna

During the Architekton
• The Greek technology remained architekton to
describe the practitioners by the disciplines of
engineering and architecture, building, tunneling,
mining, and hydraulic projects.

• Under Alexander the Great, the architekton was

engaged in the design and construction of the
catapult, with which Alexander supplied his
• In general, Greek technology remained
independent of the scientific tradition that
Greek natural philosophers were creating.
however, a school of scientist-engineers
flourished at Alexadria and produced
treatises on mechanical and pneumatic
devices that display an interest both in the
philosophy of nature and in the
application of empirical formulas to
engineering design.
This are the informations that would
help you better to understand the iron

1. What was the Iron Age?

In other regions of Europe the Iron Age began in the 8th

century BC in Central Europe and the 6th century BC in
Northern Europe. The Near Eastern Iron Age is divided
into two subsections, Iron I and Iron II. Iron I (1200–
1000 BC) illustrates both continuity and discontinuity
with the previous Late Bronze Age.
2 . What happened during the Iron Age?

The Iron Age was a period in human history that followed the
Bronze and StoneAges. During the Iron Age, people across
much of Europe, Asia and parts of Africa began making tools
and weapons from iron and steel. The Iron Age started
between 1200 B.C. and 600 B.C., depending on the region.

3 . How is iron used in technology?

Iron is the core element used in many electrical things. Steel is

made from iron and steel also helps electrical design by
providing a strong structural support. ... Mechanical, materials
and electrical engineers work with iron products to
4 . What tools did the Iron Age use?

The Celts fought with swords, daggers, spears,

slings, javelines, axes, bows and shields. Celtic
shields are usually an oval shape and made
of iron but the poor needed to make shields out of
oak and leather. The Iron Age Celts found out how
to make iron tools and weapons. Nearly all their
weapons were made of iron.