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Tripwire Enterprise

Windows Scanner Workflow - Part 1

Old RALs
Get The Scanner VM
Get the Snapshot name Get the guest OS details New RALs
Details and Tripwire
or Actifio Image to check windows or
Linux Manager Details From
name(VM name).
Server. Properties file

Get the Mounted Disk

Mount the disk to
Online the Mounted Drive Details (i.e OS and
Windows Scanner VM
Disk Data Disk Drive Details
Windows Scanner Workflow – Part 2

Creating Global Variable to Tripwire

Load the Mounted VM’s Register Manager Creating Windows Reg Rule
Keys to Scanner VM Regedit.exe (i.e VMName.OSDRIVE = “Mounted VM and Windows Critical File
HKLM/VMNAME.SOFTWARE) Boot Disk Drive Letter” System Rule Using Template
Windows Registry Key Scanning VMName.Root = “Mounted VMs File
Windows Path F:/windows”

Unload the Mounted Register

Create the Baseline DB using
Check if it is first scan or not ? Key from Scanner VMs
Corresponding Windows Rules
Windows Scanner Workflow – Part 3

***Before Check
Process , Will
If Its not First Scan create Mount the VMs
rule and do the Check disk to Scanner
Unmount the Mounted Disk From Delete the Particular VMs Rules
process (Compare the latest VM and Load the
Scanner VM
version to Baseline Version Reg Key to
Scanner VMs

If there is no changes for Latest

If there is any changes ,raise the Ask user to verify the report
version to Baseline Version
event and show the Change and take a call to mark the
.Automatically Latest version
elements to IBM RO snapshot as valid or invalid
promote to Baseline
Windows Scanner Workflow – Part 4

Update the Baseline Version if changes is valid

If user marks snapshot as invalid then and return the
and return the snapshot status to IBM RO as
snapshot status to IBM RO as snapshot is bad.
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