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Communication Strategy

PT. Bintang Toedjoe and Tribune Media Group

in the Herbal Bejo Park Innovation Program
Henny Sri Mulyani R / Pandan Yudhapramesti / Ipit Zulfan
A communication plan or strategy is created
to change human behavior. A strategy is
planning and management to achieve goals,
containing roadmaps that show directions
+ background and operational tactics guidelines for
implementation. Communication strategy is a
blend of communication planning and
management, covering who and how the
target audience's character, actions to be
taken, understanding of how the target
audience benefits based on its point of view,
and how to reach a larger target audience
more effectively.
Family Medicine Garden The target of this program is the community of TOGA park managers at the urban
program (Taman Obat village or hamlet level (named 'kelurahan', ‘RT’, ‘RW’ or ‘dusun’). In general, the
PT. Bintang Toejoe,
Keluarga - TOGA) > Herbal park is managed by women who are members of the family empowerment and
a pharmaceutical
Bejo Park in 5 cities: skills program (Pemberdayaan Keterampilan Keluarga - PKK), a nonformal
company that
Jakarta, Bandung, education program, or a group of women farmers (Kelompok Wanita Tani - KWT).
Semarang, Yogyakarta, and In this program, PT. Bintang Toejoe invites the community of TOGA park
Surabaya managers to cultivate red ginger, improve the quality of garden management,
many herbal
motivate, provide incentives and appreciation to the community of the TOGA
medicines + park managers through various competitions.
Tribune Media Group
as an event organizer

After three years, the parties involved, PT. Bintang Toejoe as the

+ background initiator of the program, Tribun Group as a partner, and the

communities of park management in various cities claimed to have
benefited from this cooperation program. Recognition of this program
can be seen from the enthusiasm of the people when participating in
the Herbal Bejo park arrangement competition. For example in
Semarang and Yogya, the event held in the city center was attended by
thousands of people voluntarily. This success is a valuable lesson about
communication strategies in a program of socialization in the field of
environment and traditional health.
+ Aims
This study aims to determine:
Background and program development

The implementation of communication

2 strategies regarding sources, messages,
media channels, effects

Obstacles that occur, in the implementation

of the Herbal Bejo Park innovation program
The study used a qualitative
+ Method
descriptive method
Data collection techniques are carried out using
observation, interviews, literature studies and
documentation. The resource person was the
manager of the Herbal Bejo Park program from PT.
Bintang Toedjoe, Tribun Media Group, and
communities of the Herbal Bejo Park.
The results show that the background of this
program is part of the CSV program: creating shared
The values ​disseminated in this
value that is oriented towards sustainable
community development, not only in the form of
program are:
donating philanthropy. 1. the value of education in the health sector,
especially about the benefits of herbal plants
2. the development of economic value added
through the red ginger entrepreneurship

> Results
3. environmental values ​through the park
arrangement program

For PT. Bintang Toejoe this program increasing the needs and
awareness of the communities about the use of red ginger,
strengthening the image of products and companies. Red
ginger is the primary raw material of 'Tolak Angin Bejo' one of
the herbal medicines produced by PT. Bintang Toejoe. Tribun
Media Group gains financial benefits and strengthens Tribun
media brands. While the target community groups benefited
from the addition of knowledge and skills in the fields of park
management, herbal health, and business. Communities also
get additional benefits because this program is a means of
increasing social harmony among citizens.
Communication Strategy PT. Bintang Toedjoe and Tribune Media Group
in the Herbal Bejo Park Innovation Program
• Henny Sri Mulyani R [henny.sri.mulyani@unpad.ac.id]
• Pandan Yudhapramesti [pandan@unpad.ac.id]
• Ipit Zulfan [Ipit.zulfan@unpad.ac.id]

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