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The complex is divided into two blocks

North block -The block adjoining the Lodhi Road is further divided into four zones –
4, 5, 6 and 7.
This block comprises of public facilities like art gallery, restaurant on ground floor, top
floor have office areas.

South block- This block is further divided into two zones – 1 & 2,.
Houses most of the ancillary facilities of the North block like auditorium ,guest
rooms, conference, library, health club, swimming pool and restaurant

The office spaces covers over area of 40000 sqm and major officesAre located in area adjacent to main street.Each office
block consist of 6 storey and 4thand 5thfloor are Projected giving good view to landscape courtyards.Floor to floor ht is 3.75
m.Each office block consist of service core. It consist pair of a lift with a lift lobby ,staircase and restrooms.
Collectively called “ HABITAT WORLD”.
• Convention centre block is divided into two structures – auditorium and convention block.
• Segregation helps in better handling of crowd.
• Convention block has separate entry from Vardhman marg.
• SILVER OAK- the largest hall of habitat world has area 13200 sqft.
• It has outdoor attachment in form of a patio as well as garden space.
• It allows versatile use of space from exhibitions, conferences, seminars to banquet
• The hall can further be divided into spaces.
• It can accommodate upto 600 people .
• The capacitiy can further be increased by combining the foyer.
• GULMOHAR-large fixed seating hall of area 2870 sqft used for lectures, seminars
and press conferences.
• MAGNOLIA AND MAPPLE- small sized halls for parties and press conferences.
• Magnolia- 1540 sqft, can accommodate a maximum of 120 persons in theatre style.
• Mapple – 1270 sqft, can accommodate a maximum of 50 persons.
JACARANDA- the largest hall after silver oak with an area of 3700 sqft.
It can accommodate upto 300 perons in theatre style seating.
CHINAR AND WILLOW – halls with area 320sqft and 570 sqft.
Best suited for small meetings, conferences and parties.
Can accommodate 25 and 44 persons in theatre style seating.

• Exterior façade is cladded with red bricks on ground floor, upper floor has jaali
• Entrance from within the Habitat centre is adourned with double storey height
• Porch has exposed concrete finish.
• Total capacity – 537
• Area- 6206 sqft
• Sitting in two levels.
• Stairs only way of vertical circulation
THE FOYER- the foyer area is inadequate and becomes overcrowded.
• The foyer houses reception area and security checking area.
• Foyer directly leads to top most entries on ground floor.
•AUDIENCE TRAFFIC- the foyer accomodates two staircases.
• The staircases lead to upper level of auditorium and to theatres below the auditorium.
• Ground floor has 5 entries/exit for public and 2 entries for performers.
• SEATING- total eating capacity of 530, 350 in main hall and 180 as balcony seating.
• The seats are staggered to provide best view.
• Height of riser is kept 4”
Hall has straight radial aisles and no cross aisle.
• STAGE- stage area is –
•Stage has no separate orchestra pit.
• Teakwood paraquet flooring is provided.
• Back stage area has 2 green rooms and one V.I.P lounge.
• Walla are cladded with wooden panels.
• Carpet flooring is provided for better acoustics.
• The space below the audi seating accommodates the theatre- Amaltas (1760 sqft)
Kadamba (620 sqft Rudraksha ( 620 sqft).
• The staircase in the foyer of Stein Auditorium leads to the theatre area.
• The trinity of rooms is extremely flexible, with individual as well as combined usage
• The theatres have buffet area in front.
• The buildings are built around courts and linked at 5/6 th floor by bridges to form huge
• These multi level bridges provide office spaces , restaurants as well as links between
various zone.
• The bridges help in shading of public area. .
•The bridges form framed views and vistas and complete the character of the enclosed

Apart from the iconic architecture, India Habitat Centre is known for its public spaces,
the courtyards.
• Courtyards are provided with sitting areas and act as active gathering spaces with
multifunctional use from display of artifacts to informal conferences.
• Each courtyard serves a different purpose.
Southern Court –
• Open to sky, bordered by built-up.
• Accomodates outdoor sitting for
• Spill up area for convention centre.
Stepped Plaza, Amphitheatre court –
• Nature marked by play of levels.
•Space for small informal events.
• Mystery of space is accentuated
with change in levels.
Open Exhibition Court-
• Vegetation is aligned to indicate the
direction of building.
• Used as outdoor exhibition area.
• Spill over space for office areas.
Middle court-
• Middle court acts as a common
gathering point.


• Reflectors are installed above courtyards to provide shade and prevent sun from
entering into the building.
• Reflectors are aligned at an angle which reflects back 70% of the sunlight and change
their angle in winters to let in sun.
Various services are –
•Air conditioning system
•Fire fighting system
•Handicap provision
•Rain water harvesting
•Storm water disposal system
•Parking system
•Centralized air conditioning system throughout the complex
•3000 tones capacity.
•Total 150 AHU in the building at different locations.
•It consist of 5 chillers –four with 6oo capacity and one with 300
•Centralized fire detection system of siemenswith different smoke and heat detection and all indication comes at centralizedpanel for fire
•Central jockey ad hydrant pressured water with 100 hp pumps
•15 hydrants around the building.
•Provision of hose pipe, fire extinguishers at every core area.
•4 laccapacity tank at lower basement.

• Provision of handicap restroom
s at every floors.
• Special provision for handicap parking.
• Lift are large to carry wheelchair within.
• Ramp at entry of convention centre.
• Rain water is channelised around the building. Rain water harvesting system on
the site.
• Storm water inlets are provided on the
site At regular interval to drain out
The exterior surface is made up of exposed brickwork with sleek
window slit facing the exterior façade of the building
• The walls are made up of 170 thk brick.
• Kota stone polished and rough spilt,

IHC is made up of RCC framed structure.
Column grid used in parking is 16‟ x 16‟ and 31‟ x 16‟.
Basement are made up of Reinforce concrete cellar slab under tension piles
Reinforce concrete retaining walls.
Roof of auditorium is made-up of steel trussed structure with wood wool
Sheet and concrete screen roofing.
Steel truss system used to cover large span courtyard with sunscreen
Shading device.
•The building stands out in energy efficiency.
•The interesting blue sunshade provided between the two buildings in court helps to maintain the environment and gives a cool
•The trees also helps to maintain the environment and gives the natural effect.Trees are planted at very part of the court.
•Fountains makes the environment more cooler & gives a effect of lightness.
•Allen stein planned the building
•in such a way so that the the
•maximum part of the floor enjoys sunlight.
•Allen stein also planned to give sunlight in
•basement through very interesting ways.