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Fabrication of Compressed Air Car

1.V.Anand Reddy(10741a0308)
2.B.Sai Sreekar(10741a0305)
3.M.Damodar Rao(10741a0310)
4.W.B.Giridhar Reddy(10741a0312)
5.S.Imam Hussain(10741a0315)
6.B.Maruthi Kumar(10741a0326)

Under the guidance of:

D.SRIKANTH(M.Tech CAD/CAM), Asst. prof

 The Air powered car is also called as a low pollution

or zero pollution car. Since the car runs on
compressed air it is environmentally friendly.
 In the present energy scenario the fossil fuel sources
are fast depleting and their combustion products are
causing global environmental problems.
 So it is inevitable to shift towards the use of
renewable energy resources which in turn will reduce
pollution and saves fossil fuels.

 Air car is a car that runs on compressed air, instead

of gasoline. The car uses the pressure that is stored
in a vessel, to run the engine, instead of a pressure of
ignited gasoline.
 The air is compressed in the vessel by a compressor.
When the air is released from the vessel, it operates
the engine.
 The air acts as a spring, it stores potential energy and
it releases it when the driver pushes the "gas" pedal.
Vehicle Parts
 Compressed air tanks

 The body

 The Air Filter

 The chassis
Process Description
 The first piston takes in ambient air and compresses it to
approximately 300 psi and 200*f in the compression chamber
during the first cycle of the engine

 When the piston pause, a small amount of compressed air from

the tanks is released into the expansion chamber to create a low
pressured, low temperature volume of about 140psi

 Shortly before the valve to the exhaust cylinder is opened, a high-

speed shutter connects the compression and expansion
chambers. The sudden pressure and temperature difference
between the low chambers creates pressure waves in the
expansion chamber, thereby producing work in the exhaust
chamber that drives the piston to power the engine
 Runs on compressed air instead of gasoline.

 No pollution car.

 A single cylinder, compressed air engine, powers the car.

 Compressed air is stored in fiber or glass fiber tanks.

 The air is fed through an air injector to the engine and flows
into a small chamber, which expands the air.

 The air pushing down on the piston moves the crankshaft,

which gives the vehicle power.

 The car motors require a small amount of oil about 0.8 litres
worth that have to change just every 50,000km
Major Working Components

 Gear Box
 Distribution And Valves
 Moto-Alternator
 Air Filter

Pollution free
Better Fuel efficiency
Better comfort
Less Maintenance
Low Cost

 Less power is produced

 Air pumping stations are less in number

 Air powered cars is a realization of latest

technology in automobile field.

 It eliminates the use of non-renewable fuels

like gasoline, diesel petrol etc, and Thereby
preventing pollution caused by millions of
automobiles all over the world.

 This could be the future of automobiles and

step to a healthier environment