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Financial services

Financial services can be defined as the products and services offered by

institutions like banks of various kinds for the facilitation of various financial
transactions and other related activities in the world of finance like loans,
insurance, credit cards, investment opportunities and money management
as well as providing information on the stock market and other issues like
market trends
Types /Scope of Financial Services

Types of

Fund based Non-Fund based

activities/Assets services/fee
based Services based services
Fund Based Services

The firm raises funds through debt, equity, deposits and the bank invests
the funds in securities or lends to those who are in need of capital.
The following are some of these fund-based services such as:
• Leasing and Hire Purchase
• Housing Finance
• Credit Cards
• Venture Capital
• Factoring
• Forfeiting
• Bill Discounting
• Insurance
• House finance
• Mutual fund
Non-Fund Based Services
• Securitization
• Merchant banking
• Credit rating
• Loan syndication
• Project advisory services
• Services to foreign companies and NRIs
• Portfolio management
• Merger and acquisition
• Capital restricting
• Debentures trusteeship
• Custodian services
• Stock broking