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3odernised Family Life Cycle
This concept has been formulated to accommodate the changes
taking place in family in the recent times because of:-
Postponement of marriage
Smaller family size
Rising divorce rates
Categories such as
Single Parent 1, 2 & 3
Bachelor 2 & 3
Childless couple
Delayed full nest etc are added to reflect the contemporary
changes in the composition of families.
3ordernised family life cycle is based on age ± young, middle
aged and elderly
The various stages are affected by the two critical factors:-
1) 3arriages and separation
2) arrival of the first child and the departure of the last child




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Changing Roles and Family Purchase Decision
Earlier Husband concentrated on occupational efforts and
wife on domestic activities.
Sex role patterns shifting towards more egalitarianism
Lot of decisions have now become negotiable whether
negotiations are done on the basis of collective interest or
individualistic interests.

Family Specific characteristics

The nature of purchase decisions made is also influenced by
aspects like
Culture & Subculture
Social Class & reference groups
Stage in life cycle
3obility & Geographical locations
3arketing implications
3arketing message to be developed depending on
family roles and decision making patterns- husband
dominated/ wife dominated/ joint etc
Reaching purchaser may require may require one
communication medium while reaching user may
require another.
In case of some types of products children are
significantly involved in the purchase decision- for
such child centered products appeal to children.
Changing Female Roles
Women in terms of traditional/ feminist orientations
Needs of the working women
Even traditional women are changing
Working women who thinks her job as her career and the ones
who think it¶s just a job.
Overemphasizing on working women might put off the other
homemaker females.

Changing Roles of 3ales