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• 1n 1997, when Bgy Captain R. Datiles assumed he made a survey as to the
urgent need of the bgy, the overwhelming answer is about garbage
management. Thus his environment friendly program where they have strict
implementation of was segregation. Those “nabubulok” garbage where
organically processed as fertilizer, hence its eco friendly bgy garden. It did not
only significantly decreased the garbage collection, it also generated income
fir some bgy volunteers. Now our barangay has received a lot of city
recognition for this and was even a model for other bgy. The only left to be
resolved are those informal settlers living along the creek causing garbage
accumulations. Some have been relocated but others stayed.
1. Evironmental contamination, the area near the creak has many informal
settlers who are not observing proper waste disposal causing garbage filling
and contamination in the creek. It is also a cause of flooding during rainy
2. Child Abuse and Negclect, children are left playing on the streers
endagagering them to encounter vehicular accidents. Many children are also
doing child labor and cannot go to school due to poverty. There are also cases
of early pregnancy, making them stop schooling and risking their health
during birthing or child delivery.
3. . Poverty in the areas of informal settlers because many are jobless, further
complicating the problem of having many children. The local health
department should really promote family planning.
4. Though there are still some cases of drug addiction, it has decreased
significantly. We are grateful to our bgy officials in partnership with the police
to have a strong campaign against drug addiction.
• The barangay should have a long term plans for the above mentioned
problems of the barangay. For example, they will not just arrest the drug
addicts but they have to be rehabilitated as well. Implement waste
segregation and regular collection of garbages. Encourage recycle and reuse.
Strong campaign for assistance to children in need of schooling or shelter.
Proper coordination with the local government agencies like DSWD will help.
• Barangay officials should implement the rules and regulations with strong
resolve and consistency. The communities should cooperate and support the
bgy policies and plans for the success and peace of the barangay.
• I recommend additional barangayy peace and order patrol at night for safety
especially those who are going home late from work at night. And that they
participate in more health events.
• There are many issues or concerns of our barangay, but compared with other
barangay with has more problem of peace and order, I am thankful that our
barangay is more peaceful. The issues mentioned above are existing but being
attended too. May they just be consistent and vigilant to resolve this problem.
And may every citizen in our community be responsible and sensitive to yhe
needs of our barangay. May God protect and bless our barangay.

• Barangay Bagumbuhay now tries it’s best to maintain the peace, they now follow the rules when it
comes to disposing garbage the right way. They now focus on all the penalty that will be given to the
people who do not follow.

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