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Threats in agricultural production such as pests, loss of soil fertility

and lack of nutrients may result in low percentage of plants to
harvest. Fertilizers are substances containing chemical elements
such as manure or mixture of nitrates that improves the growth
of plants. They give nutrition to the crops. To make plants grow
faster, what you need to do is supply the elements that the plants
need in readily available forms. That is the goal of fertilizer.
 fertilizers form of liquid conservation is becoming universal focus inspire
us to invent “ Auto Watering Device”
 Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium availability is the big limit to
plant growth.
 User friendly for OKU person for make him easy life.
 Applicable to be used in houses , plantations
and agriculture sectors .
 Automation allows for these higher flows to be managed without an
increase in the amount of labour.
 Reduced run off of water and nutrients: Automation can help
keep fertilizer on farm by effectively reducing run off from the
 Retaining fertilizer on farm has both economic and
environmental benefits.
 Prevent wastage in the usage of water and better growth of plants.
 Reduce the work load faced by OKU pupils.
This auto watering device will alows sprit liquid of
fertilizer to the plants in the garden automatically, that
where ecspecially use by OKU pupils.
Itis self designed sensor detect water contain in the reasorver.
Two recycle bottle are used to refill the amount of the fertilizer
by measuring the sensor electrical conductivity.
Timer will activate the water pump based on signal for the
moisture sensor.
Timer will on and off according to the set duration .
Pump will start once received signal which operated by solar
power battery .
The drone will fly with the water reasorver and to spritt the water
form of fertilizer to the plant.
Target Areas
This device is environmental friendly and easy the
work. It will uses solar power hence it is applicable for

Go Green
 Go Green approach has been done globally due to the rapid
industrialization and global environmental changes

 The advance science and technology have made ways to Go


 Most of the materials used to invent “Auto watering device ”

can reused and recycled to plant water also.

 This system will operate on solar energy (Conservation of natural


 Undergoing of Ozone Free process

 This one of the way we show our support for Go Green


 Let us as Malaysian “ Go Green” to save our earth

 Water container
 Tube/pipe
 Timer
 Solar Panel
 Battery 12V
 LED light
 Drone
 DC Water Pump
 Motor engine
 Sensor
 Fertilizer form of Liquid
Cost of The Project
 USD 50
 Price will fall sharply under mass production
 The watering system fertilizer to plants automatically using the
 Designed to sprit according to distance of plants
 Not using manpower
 Has many functions to help agriculture or home garden
 Save amount of fetilizer expenses
 Reduce the utilization of fresh fertilizer.
 Comply with the environmental requirements
 Use renewable enery to contuct the device.
Future Development
 Upgrade for the agriculture and plantation sector usage

 Make it as portable unit for mobilization

 Use standard parts for easy assemble and dismantle process

 It optimises irrigation and fertilisation of the plantation (higher

crop production with reduced costs on fertilisation and
irrigation = higher efficiency),

 Safes manpower

 It is easy to control, easy to maintain and easy adjustable,

It allows a strict control and feedback in terms of performance
and environmental impact.
Thank You…..