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Values and beliefs of leadership and are the

shaping force of the entire organization. They
generate attitudes and specify behaviour.
In practice, they affect everything
should the organization- the priorities
established, the decision made, the
conflicts resolved, the problems solved, and
many more.
Lyle E. Schaller, in Getting Things Done,
writes, "The values of any organization control
priorities, provide the foundation for
formulating goals, and set the direction of the
organization." Core values and beliefs are the
basis for all organizational behaviour and
activities and the bottom-line by which you and
your organization will be judged; for as the
leadership goes, so goes the organization.
1. Herman Miller Inc: Its Corporate
Herman Miller Inc. is a leader in participative
management and had a clearly-defined set of
corporate values:
INNOVATION: We seek and encourage
appropriate problem-solving designs and
innovative solutions that deliver results for our
customers and meet our business challenge
EXCELLENCE: We create value for our
customers by providing quality and excellence
in all that we do and the in which we do it.
PARTICAPATION: We worh together in
teams, with each person contributing to the
level of his or her capabilities.
OWNERSHIP: We each have a stake in the
organization in which we invest our lives and share
the risks and rewards of ownership.
LEADERSHIP: We can lead best by
enabling others and by being dedicated to
achieving our corporate vision.
2. IBM's Values the Foundation of

Tom Watson, Sr. was a man of grandiose

vision dedicated to well-defined and
fundamental values.

IBM’s corporate values, probably the

oldest and the best known in the world, were
developed specifically by Tom Watson, Sr. in the
very early days. They are:
Respect for the dignity and the rights for each
person in the organizations.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: To give the best
customer service any company in the world
EXCELLENCE: The conviction that an org.
should all tasks with the objective of
accomplishing them in a superior way