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• The entire class focused on them.

• They need to solve any problem or situation (task) that the teacher
gives them.

• They can use the language any way they want; as long it’s
understandable (accuracy is not that important).
• Moderator

• Hisparticipation is pretty slim

• Teacher will give the task to the students and then watch the use of the language.

• Create opportunity to involved every single student.

• Give an introduction to the task.

• Be sure that the second language is used with no exceptions.

• Give feedback
• Language learners work and co-operate with each other in groups
which builds bonds between them

• This process enables the students to explore previous and new

features of language because students rely on previous language,
knowledge and experience.

• TBL emphasises on learners to communicate through interaction in

the target language
• TBL emphasises too much on tasks and communicating meaning and this could
have an impact on how to use the language with the correct form.

• Withmore than 12 students the class would be pointless

• Requires great deal of creativity when it comes to think on the tasks.

• The materials are beyond textbooks.

• Grammar is not as present as other approaches.