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Medical assistance in

walking distance • Comprehensive medical

examinations can quickly and
easily be perform anywhere in
the world
• Results are transmit via wireless
technology using the portable
“hospital in a box”.
• This allows physicians and
health care providers to share
patient information quickly and
accurately with others by
integrating the examinations
results and their corresponding
digitized images in order to
properly and accurately evaluate
the health of the patient


The Solar Powered Battery & Cell Primary care giving &
Phone On-line medical support Teacher free class
Charging Stations rooms
& Learning for all ages.
A handheld hospital

What can be achieved with this model?

1. Improve healthcare delivery to the citizens; Easily and securely share
data with consultants and specialists
2. Keep digital records of patient examinations which can be used for Data
3. Increase Doctor's accuracy of diagnosis and productivity.
4. No extensive staff training therefore Create opportunity for
entrepreneurs ; Reduce unemployment
5.Decrease cost of healthcare delivery.
6. Medical assistance in walking distance ; Huge savings to the patient as
they need not travel long distances to get basic comprehensive healthcare.
7.Takes up less room than comparable equipment; Lightweight and easy to
transfer between examination rooms
A handheld hospital

Measures lung health

Allows patient to inhale medicine into the lungs
Send patient data wirelessly
EKG Electrocardiogram
Measures heart activity.
To measure blood pressure
For examining ears

To measure oxygen levels in the blood
and pulse
Key Activities

VIP works with

Agencies and Franchisee from
Identify a site for Imhanya Positions &
Organizations to Local Community
Hospital in a box Stocks Smart Pod
Develop Product Identified & Trained

Software Updates
Franchisee Banks
Warehouse Sales and Inventory
Sales at Designated Franchisee Sells
Database and Head Software Set Up for
Bank / Cash Pick Up Products
Office Accounting Smart Pod

Products and Finance Co. / Bank Bank Finances

Services are accesses data to Franchisee to
Franchisee Paid
Replenished by determine credit Purchase 75% of
25% of Profits
Imhanya worthiness Unit When Financing
Warehouse ofcustomers Thresholds are Met
We participate in 11 SD
We alleviate poverty by providing SmartPod Solutions has developed depots that are
opportunities for able to distribute agricultural inputs
disadvantaged communities. to farmers in their areas

SmartPod Solutions hosts medical check up clinics SmartPod Solutions works closely with women
in its infrastructure and is able to distribute informal traders to empower them with
vaccinations and medication infrastructure and supply contracts.

SmartPod Solutions produces distributed renewable SmartPods provide dignified infrastructure that
energy, and provides houses 300 informal sector traders and each new
pathways out of energy poverty. hub will house an additional 35.

SmartPod Solutions is an inclusive Pro Poor Model SmartPod Solutions works with cities to develop
that empowers underserved African communities sustainable solutions to
to lead better lifestyles. house informal traders

SmartPod Solutions Uses 95% Less (400 Kwh) Energy SmartPod Solutions has worked with government
To Repurpose A Container Compared To to create a sustainable framework to legitimize
Recycling It. informal sector traders.

SmartPod Solutions has created an Impact Investment Model through a Social Enterprise that partners NGO’s, Agencies,
Organizations , Financial Institutions and Government Agencies.
The Problem

People in rural areas generally have less access to healthcare than their urban counterparts. Fewer
medical practitioners, and healthcare facilities in these areas often mean less preventative care and
longer response times in emergencies.

With the provision of Hospital in a Box we will be able to collect data and fully understand the main diseases and health
problems affecting the community at which the medical centre is placed in. This knowledge from the data collection will
enable us to tackle the problem from the roots and find a grass root solution to health problems affecting the
communities which V.I.P will be in operation.

The medical centre has the capacity to benefit the whole village at which it is situated due to the diversity in its medical
services and the efficiency of hospital in a box. However to be particular the medical centre can be of benefit to the
following classes of people.
Solution and Actors

A handheld hospital
Enabling Better Communities
The Challenge & Solution