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Local Materials used as

applied to Contemporary
Puni or Palm
Folding (Bulacan)

► The Art of Leaf Folding in

Bulacan Province Philippines
► Decorate with the coconut
leaf, Coconut leaves are
fashioned by folding, plaiting,
braiding, and simple weaving.
Examples of Puni
Sinangkaban or Bamboo Art

 Sinangkaban is a local term for bamboo arches

elaborately designed with kayas
Filipino word for decorated bamboo arch, used as a
welcome signage of a town, city or village.
Examples of Sinangkaban
Saniculas cookie
mold carvings
► Saniculas cookies are
arrowroot cookies that have
the image of St. Nicholas is
also known as “ the healer”
and is the go to saint for those
who need “ healing” s from
Examples of Saniculas
Pabalat or Pastillas
wrapper cutting art

► Pabalat is also a folk art or in

Filipino term, siningbayan.
► It’s a folk art because it
originated among the townsfolk
reflecting their traditional culture.
Examples of Pabalat or Pastillas
Taka (Laguna)

► Taka refers to paper mache made using carved

wooden sculpture used as a mold.
► Taka was pioneered by Paete local, Maria Piday
► The art of taka or taka-making is not an exclusive Pinoy
art. Paper mache and decoupaging have been around
for centuries.
Examples of Taka
Pagbuburda (Taal,
Lumban, Laguna)

► In the highlights of Philippine

history. Taal embroidery has
always made an exquisite
► The emboiderer would have to
slightly dampen the textile and
separate thread by thread, and
then stitch them together to
achieve the dainty netted look of
calado embroidery.
Examples of Pagbuburda
► Mainly used for the
production of speciality
papers. Also called manila
hemp, abaca is extracted
from the leaf sheath around
the trunk of the abaca plant.
► is a natural fiber harvested
from a close relative of the
banana tree. Literally
hundreds of different things
can be made with this
extremely tough fiber.
Examples of Abaca
► An artist begins to paint on
a canvas
► is a surface you paint on
that is often made from tightly
stretched unbleached cloth
or a closely woven fabric that
is often used to make boat
sail, purses and upholstery
Examples of Canvas
Activity and Assignment

Activity Assignment
 In a short bond paper  Make your own pastillas wrapper,
make it beautiful.
 Draw a materials or thing that will
represent your personality with brief