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þ uorporation Act on the 19th of June 1956
þ objective of spreading life insurance much more widely
and in particular to the rural areas with a view to reach all
insurable persons in the country, providing them adequate
financial cover at a reasonable cost.
þ LIu tarted it functioning with a 5 crore capital from the
government and still paying the dividend to the
þ LIu had 5 zonal offices, 33 divisional offices and 212
branch offices, apart from its corporate office in the year
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£ plore and enhance the quality of life of
people through financial security by
providing products and services of
aspired attributes with competitive
returns, and by rendering resources for
economic development 1

` £A trans-nationally competitive financial

conglomerate of significance to societies
and Pride of India.£
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1. Review plans and objectives.
2. Determine the work activities necessary
to accomplish objectives.
3. ulassify and group the necessary work
activities into manageable units.
4. Assign activities and delegate authority.
5. Design a hierarchy of relationships.
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In the LIu the plans are formulated at the central
office and then the main goal is further segregated
into different goals and are been transferred to the
divisional and zonal office by foreseeing there past
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In LIu the Branch manager is assigned the
target of making a for an instance 8 crore
premium in a month period in a certain plan,
which in turn helps the BM to design a
performance appraisal plan of awarding the
agent with incentives for selling a plan recently
the agent who sold the endowment plus plan,
he is being awarded 300 rs. per policy he
brings in a month time.
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Here in the LIu at the branch level the
departments are made on the basis of functional
structure where in every department functions
individually respected to their work. For an
instance the policy serving department will
accept all the application of loan procedure,
address change, nomination of the policy.

Branch Development Agent

manager officer

Here above the hierarchy of assigning authority and

responsibilities to the development officer from the
branch manager who assigns him to make new
agents and handle the agents under his hands and
solve their problems and targets are assigned to
them to accomplish the organizational goals.
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