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[Technical Report] Ultra Eng, Coating Issue for PosMAC-490 28/02/19


■ Overview of VOC
Customer Ultra Eng. Defect Coating problem..
Coil No CGM0564A… Spec. PosMAC-490
Date issued Product date
Feb. 22th 2019 Dec. 9~13th 2018
(Customer) (POSCO)

■ Result of SDD Survey (for all coils delivered since 2019)

1. OK (25Coils, 256.6MT) : Blowing Mark observed within 10mm from both edges with weak severity
2. NG (3Coils, 43MT)
2.1 Blowing Mark observed within 100mm from both edges
- Subject coils: CGM0564A(14.6MT), CGM0588B(13.9MT)
 Kindly request to screen sheets (because defects are only in within 100mm)
2.2 No coating(plating) observed in tail part(330~400M)
- Subject coil: CGM0963A(14.5MT) → To be cut off (about 100M) and delivered

■ Provable causes
1. Blowing Mark
CGM0564A* produced right after size change (3.0x1500, EN-S350GDHM
→ 2.8x1500, PosMAC-490) * First lot coil(for PosMAC-490 for Ultra Eng.)
→ Cooling air flowed into both edges while non-solidified strip with heavy bow
occurring commonly in high strength steel passed through cooling section
(Air Jet Cooler)
→ Cooling air applied shear stress to both edges of heavy bowed strips.
As a result, blowing mark occurred as non solidified coating layer had splashed
→ Blowing Mark* improved as the bow of strips weakened after CGM0564A
* Blowing mark observed within 10mm since that
2. No coating(plating): Temporary refectory dropout & trapping in coating process(CGL)

■ Preventive actions
1. To optimize operation parameters to decrease the bows for heavy gauge and wide products (~’19.3)
2. To train quality inspectors to lift quality inspectors’ level up (continuously)